back on the treadmill

i stepped on a nail two weeks ago. some hard headed indians just dont go to doctors when they should. i am kinda like that too. i figured my foot would heal on its own. i am up on my tetanus shots.  it healed but took a coupla weeks. i had swelling where the nail went in. it hurt when i put pressure on it. i havent logged my two-mile walks in that time.

this morning i decided to try walking on the treadmill. i walked a mile and kept going.  if i quit at a mile that would set the goal for the next time. i walked a mile and a half. not bad for a two-week layoff. i didnt wanna push it, i was checking if i can start walking again.

the hardest walk to do is the first one. its too easy to say ‘i’m gonna start walking (next week, when it warms up, when it aint hot etc.)’.  i got my first walk done. i have been lifting weights too. i need to keep it up now. i go to the basement to keep the fire in the wood stove burning. the trips up and down the stairs help too.

i am glad my treadmill is still working. i bought it before i went to peru. i wanted to be in shape to walk at those altitudes. i didnt wanna get to machu picchu and not be able to see the whole complex. some of the other tourists couldnt do the walking and headed back to sit on the bus. our guide took the rest of us to walk a part of the incan trail. glad i didnt miss that.

i was grateful i was able to do all the required walking at altitude thru out that whole trip. there was lotsa climbing. i got in shape for it. and i chewed lotsa coca leaves. my treadmill will help me get me back into shape this winter.

the royal blue boys roach i have been working on is done. i finished tying the last of the trim yesterday while watching KU put it all over on missouri in basketball. i wrapped the roach on a stick to shape it. it looks good.

i will dye some more deer tails. i dont have enough red for the next two roaches i will work on. i will dye the yarn red too. i dont have any red yarn for the bases. dyeing the deer tails and yarn together makes them match in color.

per cap is this week. i wont rush to town. i use mine to make two car payments on the rav4.  whatever is left stays in my bank until i need it. maybe i will add some to the savings account i set up for my next trip abroad.

gonna miss the second half of the kc chiefs game today. we are heading to topeekie. my nephew and niece are having a birthday party for their kids. we going to visit with them.