twas the night before per cap

and not an indian was astir. dont know if i am supposed to be all excited or not. tomorrow is per cap. mine is pretty much spent. i will save some of it for my big trip abroad. that is a long way off but it will take me time to save enough to make that happen.

i dyed six deer tails red yesterday. i need them for the next two roaches i will make. after i dyed the tails i attached them to a clothes hanger with wooden clothes pins. i hung them in the basement while the wood stove is going. they are probably dry.

the yarn i dyed for the bases didnt hold the deep red color. it came out a light red. dont matter. it is hardly visible when worn. rug yarn is hard to find it at a good price. it goes for 6 to 15 bucks a skein with shipping tacked on. i used to pay a dollar and under for it. i bought lotsa white skeins of yarn figuring i would dye them the color i want.

today i will braid and sew the yarn bases for the roaches. i have done that so much it wont take long. i work at my own pace. its not about how much time i put into it. it is about getting it done and doing it good.

i got a coupla cds in the mail today. they are the first of a few i ordered. i was being good to myself. music is one of the things i buy for me. i have playlists of my favorites but the web deletes some of it occasionally. i gotta have a hard copy of my music to reload if that happens. i wanna listen to my music.

i used to wanna be a musician. had dreams of being a rock star. thing was i couldnt sing or play an instrument. some became stars in spite of that. i doubt i coulda pulled it off. i do enjoy music though.

i remember this show from long ago. it was called wild kingdom. this old guy would sit in the jeep while this other big guy would wrestle down a water buffalo. after the buffalo was tied up, the old guy would jump out of the jeep and say ‘we got him’.  i know too many guys like that. they dont do the work but glom onto the credit when its done.

i will walk on the treadmill today. this time i hope to walk my usual two miles. gotta get used to the treadmill. there will be a few good warm days but walking on the road is probably done. i will lift weights too. i have been doing that when i couldnt walk. better to do some exercise than none.

glad to see KU football team is getting transfers. i remember when not many wanted to play for the jayhawks. now some do. great. i will buy some tickets to games next year. i am a KU fan in every sport.

gotta get busy.