the wind cries mary

well maybe not mary, but i thought of that hendrix song. there were some strong winds last night. and even the night before. it was windier than a politician. the winds musta knocked out our electricity. not just ours but others as well. there are about 5 different companies that supply electrical power to the rez.

i didnt wanna sit in the dark so i turned on a camping lantern. i also lit a coupla candles. i had a flashlight to use while i walked around the house. i played solitaire on my phone while one of my song lists played. i grew up without electricity. this wasnt new to me. well, we didnt have cell phones in those days.

i heard differents things blowing around from the strong gusts of wind. i walked outside to check. i smelled smoke but i knew i didnt have my wood stove going. someone texted me and said the smell of smoke was coming from colorado wildfires.

this morning my trash cans are lying in the yard. so are my grill, cooler and other things. i will have to pick them up as another one of my chores today. i always have something to do.

the big pile of leaves i wanted to use to start a compost pile are gone. mom always said it is no good to say pama. i guess. i wont have a new compost pile now. the leaves are gone with the wind. bad joke i know.

we laid andrews basketball goal down. the wind would have knocked it over. we knew some winds were coming. we had no idea they would be that strong.

i was remembering back when we lost our electricity for two weeks. an ice storm knocked the power out. we could hear a loud pop then a crashing sound as the trees broke and fell up and down the creek valley. i will never forget that sound.

we had to use kerosene lamps to light the house. we also used our wood stove to heat the house. it didnt bother me that much. i grew up on the rez when that was common. we lost all of our food we had stored in the freezer. after that we started to do more canning.

i dont know what time the electricity came back on last night.  my phone was losing power from playing solitaire and texting. i found a charger that i used to charge it up some. i thought i better save it with some juice so i went to bed early. like the old days.

we had a brilliant red sun set the other evening. i had to get a picture of it with my cell phone. i dont charge the battery to my nikon often.

i will walk on the treadmill again today. i have walked twice this week. i started working on my next roach too. its good to be back in a routine. gotta keep busy. i am never bored. aint got time for that.