forgot to write

i thought i posted a blog the other day. i checked and seen i didnt. i had one started then musta spaced it out. no, no i dont smoke it no mo. i have been busy with chores, watching grandkids and working on roaches. i had a cold too, mighta been all that nyquil.

and no i wasnt out per capping. mine goes toward paying down my car payment balance. i want to own it sooner. the rest goes into my bank account. i will put some into my savings account for my next bucket list trip. this indian will see angkor wat and walk on the great wall.

i was a bachelor a coupla days. mary was helping my niece drive to washington d.c.  they left wednesday and got back sunday.  i said we would manage here. i cooked a few times and ordered some take-out meals too. good thing i had games to watch.

i did watch the chiefs and jayhawks play. i dont miss their games. they both won. that made me happy. the jayhawks let the other team back into the game. they will get everyones best shot. dont matter as long as they find a way to win.

i usually only watch home teams play. yesterday i watched pittsburg play tennessee. i dont care for either team. i was hoping the titans would get beat. a loss would put the chiefs in good position to have home field advantage thru out the playoffs. i was glad the titans lost. now k.c. has to win out.

i walked on the treadmill four times this past week. no maybe, might, gonna. i logged some miles. i will walk on it again today. i am back into my walking routine. i will also lift weights. i have to keep the woodstove stoked up.

i laid off walking for a coupla weeks when i stepped on a nail. i have only started walking for the past week but my sugar has gone down. i knew it would. i was slacking on walking. my previous A1C was 6.8. thats why i let up. i mean i couldnt be worried when it was that good.  i know now that there is no letting up.

i have done some work on the next roaches i will make. the deer tails are dyed red. i braided and sewed the rug yarn for the bases. i tied some of the inner trim. thats as far as i got. i will work on them this week. they will get done.

we have been getting the grandsons christmas presents. they know it us that buy the presents. they really dont believe santa claus brings them. i would rather have them believe in misho and gramma than santa claus.

we ask them what they want so we will make them happy. toys are too expensive to get them something they wont play with. its all peer pressure. they tell school friends what they got for christmas. that is expected. no kid should have to say i didnt get anything.

gotta do my chores.

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