winter solstice was yesterday

had to take pictures of the grand kids by our christmas tree. the boys posed previously. the girls came here today. i asked them to pose for me. they usually go along with me when i say lets get a picture. we do the christmas thing for the kids.

i dont know if anyone sends christmas cards anymore. that is so the baby boomer generation. now people post on social media to see how many likes they get.

today i will walk on the treadmill again. i have walked 5 times in the past week and a half. i would say i am back into my walking routine. my foot is fully healed. i am in the basement more since i have to keep the wood stove going. the house feels good when it is warm while it is cold outside.

i have increased my water intake. seems that would be easy to do. it aint. its a good thing i keep track on my Fitbit. i know if i havent logged any. that makes me drink some water. i dont mind. i remember my aunt telling me she only drank water for 20 years. i thought that was something. it gives me encouragement. she lived to be 94.

yesterday was the winter solstice. i dont know what all that means. i guess its winter. i didnt dress up like a druid and run off to stonehenge. i did take a train there once when mary and i went to see wabeno when she studied at cambridge. i couldnt guess how many ancient sites or ruins we have seen.

i was disappointed i didnt get to watch the K U basketball game last night. it was cancelled cuz several colorado players tested positive for covid. the k.c. chiefs also have numerous players that tested positive. sports teams create their own lingo. they dont say they gots the covid, they say they “didnt clear covid protocols”.

i dont know if they will postpone the chiefs game. they did for a few other teams already. the chiefs are playing for a top seed and home field advantage thru out the playoffs. it wouldnt be right to make them play without their full team when others didnt have to. but we live in a world where many things arent fair.

i have been sorting porcupine hair. sorting hair is a never-ending job. it aint hard work, just monotonous.  probably because i have pounds and pounds of hair i have to sort. i am glad i had the foresight to buy up a supply of it before i retired. i can keep busy making roaches for a few years.

schools in lawrence will be out for the holidays. we will have the grandsons for almost two weeks during that break. we will try to find some interesting things to do. we have promised them a trip to the salina zoo. that would be a day trip. it is a two hour drive there and two back. that aint counting the time spent there.

we will see.