all i want for christmas

is peace on earth and goodwill toward all men. i dont know how many times i heard that over the years. not so much lately. maybe people think it is unattainable.  people are split over politics, favorite teams, jealousy over what others have etc. it would be better to wish people kept their opinions to themselves. that would bring about some peace.

i aint rich but there isnt anything i want. i am grateful my heart surgery gave me more life.  well sure there are things i wouldnt mind having. my life goes on whether i have them or not. i dont have all i want but i have what i need. once i heard all that life is having a place to stay, something to eat and clothes to wear. i am grateful i have that. i never forget the days when i didnt.

one thing i want is to travel. many of the places on my bucket list have been checked off. i have a couple left but i am saving for that. i never thought i would walk in the places i got to experience. they were only places in books and movies when i was growing up on the rez.  i got to see them.

being with my grandkids is the best gift i could hope for. i used to believe i would never live to see the age of 30. after all the alcohol, drugs and violence i seen, its a wonder i made it to my age where i have gray hair.  i am not only a grandparent but i am also a great grandparent.

i never forget when we used to have gift exchanges back in high school.  we would draw names and have to buy that person a christmas present. one of my bros got a jar of rock candy. it still had the price tag of 97 cents on it. i got after shave even though i didnt shave.

once our tribal employees did a name drawing. my wife got an iou for a gift to be bought later. she never did get the gift. i didnt like to get into drawing of names because of things like that. some people would go all out while some didnt have any consideration for others.

one thing people dont want is covid. sounds like it will spread anyway.  the chiefs wont have some players for sundays game. they tested positive for covid.  they will win anyway.  now they have been thru that. they will be ready for the rest of the play offs.

today we are heading to the airport to pick up my daughter wabenokwe. we will take the back roads there instead of the turnpike. it is a more laid back drive.

today it will be 70 degrees. it might break the record for the warmest temp on this day. we will still have to toss more wood into the basement. it will be necessary to fire up the wood stove later. we have used up much of what we had stacked already.

gotta get ready to cop some road time.

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