back to work

i have been busy these past few days at our winter dance. that means it is officially winter to me.  i have to get back to work now. i was working on two round, woodland style roaches. i have the bases and the inner trim done.

i will finish making them this week. or at least sort enough porcupine hair to finish them. i need enough hair to make a double row of hair for two roaches. i sorted hair for several hours last week. i saved the longer hair for big roaches i will make later.

i dvr’d the k.c. chiefs football game. i got to watch it after we got home last night. the chiefs won even with a number of players out with the covid. they will be back for the next game. i wanna see the chiefs get the overall number one seed. they will have home field advantage thru out the playoffs to the super bowl.

now if they would just stop that damn tomahawk chop. i dont know if it is racist, but it is stupid. it sounds like a bad 1950s grade B western movie. i have been around indians my whole life and never heard one do the tomahawk chop. chiefs fans should create their own tradition that is uniquely theirs, not glom onto some thing that isnt.

i am not much into the whole christmas thing because of boarding school days. i am glad i was able to see lotsa friends and family during this season.  we catch up on what is going on in our lives. we share a joke or two also. indians like to laugh whenever they get together.

my daughter has been home. she goes back to work today.  her job takes her all around the country. the grandsons are here for the next week and a half. one of us will have to stay and watch them while the other takes wabeno back to the airport.

we will have to toss more wood into the basement.  this coming weekend temps at night will be in the teens and single digits. we burned much of the wood we had stacked. we kept the fire going for awhile. we let it go out when we had a few warm days. who would have believed we would have 70 degree days in december.

i still wanna clean a coupla chickens. nothing beats home made chicken soup. we have 17 hens i think. i bought 5 older ones with the idea that we would fatten them up and eat them. we stocked up on homemade egg noodles when we were in that amish town we went to. i also like to make tortilla soup. and i wanna make some egg drop soup.

we are getting about 6 eggs a day. not bad for winter time. chickens usually lay less when day light hours are shorter. i set up solar powered lights in my chicken house but i dont turn them on that often. i bought another set of lights that i havent put up yet. i wish i had a timer on them.

gotta do chores.