another day trip

we have taken many trips out west. whenever we would pass salina we noticed the signs for their zoo. we kept saying we should check it out. we finally did after a trip to soak in the hot springs near denver. after touring the zoo we knew the kids would enjoy it.

yesterday we took the grandsons to see the zoo. we told them it would be a two hour drive there and two hours back. they charged their tablets so they could play games on the drive.

on the way we seen many signs that were blown down. that was caused by the high winds that went thru kansas a while back. we could see that wooden posts were snapped and metal posts were bent. that wind was powerful.

when we arrived at the zoo, we had to go thru the big building first. it has exhibits of animals in their natural habitats. the animals werent live but looked very realistic. the boys ran from one exhibit to another. we could hear the excitement in their voices.

after touring the building we walked to see the live animals. we covered alot of ground. they had more animals than the ‘world famous’ topeka zoo.  samuel got tired from all the walking. it took us two hours to see all the exhibits.

the boys liked the stop by the big pond. it had koi and geese in it. its a good thing we had some quarters for the feed machines. the boys got into feeding the koi. they watched the geese race the koi to the feed when it hit the water.

after seeing the lions, tigers, bears (oh my), giraffes, monkeys, rhino etc. we headed back to the main building. andrew wanted to go back thru it again. samuel rested on a bench with his gramma. i went with andrew. after he was done, we went to the gift shop. the boys made misho spring for some souvenir toys.

on the way we seen a sign advertising a burger joint.  mary looked it up on her phone. they claimed they made the best burgers around. we went there for our lunch. it was a small, 99-year-old diner but had lines of customers. we waited in line for our burgers. they were small, more like sliders, but they were real good.

further down the road was the chocolate making plant. we stopped there for some ice cream cones. i passed on the candy. i knew i wouldnt leave it alone but i had to. we hit the road after that.

we turned onto highway 24 to take a back way home. we passed by the old st. marys school. it was built on land that belonged to the potawatomi. it was supposed to be returned to us when the school shut down. it wasnt. we got ripped off.

as we got closer to home i asked the boys if they enjoyed themselves. they both said yeah. it was a nice day trip. when my grandkids are happy, that makes me happy.