almost next year

it is almost the calendar new year. my new year is springtime when life starts over. i acknowledge the calendar year too. i am happy to add another year to my life. i have turned the pages of the calendar a few times. i wont be awake at midnite when some text to wish me a happy new year.

winter is just starting. we havent even had our first snow yet. they are predicting it may snow 4 to 6 inches tomorrow. i will wash my face in the snow when we get it. the grandkids have learned to do that from watching us.

i will be able to hunt rabbits after the first snow too. i work hard to grow a garden and the rabbits come along and eat in it.  i believe it is fair to eat the rabbits that fattened up on my garden.

i will toss wood into the basement today while temps are in the 50s. they will be in the single digits this weekend at night.  we need enough wood to last thru this cold snap. yesterday i cleaned the stove pipes and started a fire in the wood stove. it will be cold outside, but our home will be warm.

spring may not be close but i got my first seed catalog. it is from an heirloom seed company i have done business with for years. i do save seeds from things i grow too. i will go thru this catalog and see what seeds i want. if i wait, the seeds i want may sell out.

our family really dont get into the whole gift giving thing. we do for the kids but not the adults. i did get a present from my daughter. she knows i do lotsa shopping online. the delivery trucks are here a coupla times a week. she gave me an amazon gift card. exactly what i need.

i have already ordered a new hat to wear to the dance. i ordered a solar powered light with a timer for my chicken house too. it costs more, which is why i didnt order one before.  the solar light i have in the chicken house now doesnt have one. its too much bother to turn the lights on and off every day. thats why i need a timer.

our christmas tree is still up. i asked the grandsons how long they want to keep it. they said all week. they are here until school starts again. they like to see the lights on as much as i do. someone will turn them on, and we leave them on all day. we only turn them off when we go to bed.

i started an access data base to keep track of my cds. i have bought duplicates because i wasnt sure if i had a cd or not. other times i have considered buying a cd but didnt know if i already owned it. i will put the access file on my phone to clear that up. first i have much encoding to do.

happy new year all. have a good one.

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