got our first snow

yesterday we woke up to our first snow of the winter. i slept in. when i got u, andrew told me i was the only one who hadnt washed their face in the snow. i told him i would. he always looks after his misho.  the cold of the snow on my face woke me up.

we didnt get the 4 to 6 inches of snow that was predicted. nor did we get the possible drifting they warned about. thats good. when the winds blow our road drifts and we cant get out. once we were drifted in for 5 days. country indians are often overlooked.

the snow isnt deep but it will still help our gardens this spring. after some snows it usually drifts near my chicken house. then i have to clear a path so i can feed the chickens and bring in the eggs. i did feed the hens inside their house because of the snow.

the wild birds scratched thru the snow to find feed in the chicken yard. food is scarce for them in the snow.  they know they can find food here. i havent filled the wild bird feeders yet. i will have to go to town when i can to get feed for the wild birds.

i am glad i cleaned the stove pipes. the house smells like smoke when the pipes are filled with soot. the fire burns more efficiently when they are clean. thats good because it was 10 degrees below zero yesterday. today it is 8 degrees below zero. tomorrow temps will reach 38 degrees. that will be like a heat wave.

the other day andrew helped me throw wood into the basement. we have enough wood stacked downstairs to last about a month. we did that before it got cold. gotta work when its time to work. it may be cold outside, but we will be warm inside.

since our woodstove is going the basement is real warm. that keeps our home comfortable. we dont wake up to a cold floor. it also means i work up a sweat when i am walking on the treadmill. i get exercise going up and down the stair to stoke up the stove.

last night we watched the KU basketball game. that was nice because we are staying home. it was a close game but the jayhawks won. it will be even better if the chiefs win today.

yesterday we cooked a smoked turkey. one of my nieces sold it to us as part of a school project. smoked turkeys cost more but they are worth it. they sure taste good. we will be eating turkey for a few days. it is probably for lunch today while the chiefs play.

i was talking to someone i have known for years. we were at our winter dance. i told him that almost everyone there called me either uncle or misho. i come from a large family and was adopted into a coupla others. i like having so many relatives.

what will this new year bring.