new hats

over the holidays i got some new hats. when i cant change my attitude i change my hat. maybe thats why i go thru so many of them. i put a beaded headband on my new derby. i might replace it with one with quillwork. i will add a feather when i wear it. it will be my going to the dance hat. i might make it my pow wow hat too.

the other ‘straight off da rez’ hat is my walking around hat. i got it as some rez humor and have been wearing it. a few friends and relatives told me they like it.

i bought the derby with the gift card my daughter gave me. i also bought a coupla cds. one is by marianne faithful. i like her version of the rolling stones song ‘as tears go by’. i need that in my playlists. the other cd is by neil young. i still have a balance on my gift card. i will continue to look for things i want but passed on because they werent in my budget.

the solar powered light with a timer should be arriving. the light is for my chicken house. i have a solar light in there now but it dont have a timer. i am getting about 6 eggs a day. 17 hens should give me more than that. hopefully the timer will help. chickens lay less eggs with shorter day light.

this morning we took our pups to the vet. they are getting spayed and neutered. we aint gonna start a puppy mill. they gonna be our companions not money makers. that process is supposed to mellow them out. i wouldnt mind that, they are rambunctious little pups.  we pick them up later today.  i hope i dont get that ‘thanks alot’ look from them pups.

we made it thru the below zero temps this past weekend. we have more cold weather this week. it will be in the single digits at night for the next two days. i havent heard about any wind chill. we are keeping the wood stove stoked up. it is keeping our home warm.

tonight K U plays oklahoma state in basketball. i will be tuned into that game. i dont miss many games. i have tickets to the texas game this year. i heard they might be a final four type team.  i should have got baylor tickets instead. they are the number one ranked team in the nation.

i was sorting porcupine hair again yesterday. i will doing that again today. i sorted enough for a big roach. i wasnt after that. i am working on a coupla small woodland style boys roaches. i will keep making roaches this winter.

i was supposed to walk on the treadmill yesterday. i was busy sorting porcupine hair. i dont like to quit when i am in a routine. i will have to walk today instead. i will also hit the weights.

finished my chores. gonna work on sorting hair.