baby its cold outside

the temperature outside was 9 degrees this morning. with the wind chill it was 7 degrees below zero. i felt it when i went out to feed and water the dogs and chickens. they still need water even if its cold. the wild birds need it too, besides eating the feed.

we have been staying home during this cold and keeping the wood stove going. only been out to pick up my meds at the drive-up window at the clinic. gotta make sure i have my meds. the tribe was only open 5 days out of 14 during the holidays and weekends. i dont know what kinda complications this diabetic woulda had if i ran out of insulin.

many people in this area and on the rez are coming down with or already have covid.  we have close family members that tested positive last week and were around others that did too. we stayed home until the mobile covid testing unit came to the clinic on tuesday.

our results finally came back awhile ago. they said “detected”.  guess that means positive. i have had a sore throat and a cough for a coupla weeks. i thought it was from a cold i had.  other than that, i didnt have any other symptoms. i went for the test because I wanted to know for sure if i have the covid or not.

it is ironic we tested positive. we stayed home the past almost two years as much as we could. we wore masks when we went out and practiced social distancing. we got both vaccines and the booster.

i admit feeling like if i havent caught the covid then i wont ever catch it. wrong. it is possible that anyone at any time can catch it. there are too many in this state and on the rez that dont believe in vaccines, wearing masks or staying home.

and we like others are probably guilty of getting lax about precautions. this covid is like a bad politician. it wont give up on its own nor will it go away. we are stuck with it for now.

i dont have facebook or whatever name it goes by. i wont be able to cop some cheap likes by posting i gots the covid. nor will i get prayers sent my way with the little praying hands. thats okay, i got my own beliefs anyway.

i think our quarantine time should be about up. we were probably exposed early last week. we only have mild symptoms. we will continue to stay home. we are self-quarantining. we are considerate of others.

when this covid first came up a coupla years back, i was asked if i would practice social distancing. i replied i have been doing that for the past 20 years already. i dont like going out in public much anyway. the years of bumming make me appreciate having a home. thats why i stay home alot.

life will go on. this will only be an inconvenience. i have gotten thru other things that were worse. i hope all will be well thru these times.