thoughts of gardening

it may be cold but i am wanting to plant seeds from a squash we were given. i cut it up into pieces to fit onto a baking sheet. mary baked it bout an hour night before last. she scraped it off the rind and put it away. she cooked some of it a little while last night with butter and brown sugar.  i was impressed with how good it tasted.

i saved the seeds. i will plant this squash. it stored well for over a month or two. it has a hard rind kinda like a hubbard squash. it will take some work to store it next year but it will be worth it to me.

there are a coupla stories about this squash. one is it was found in a clay ball at an archaeological dig on a rez up north. it was carbon dated to about 850 years ago.

another story is a tribe in indiana found the seeds in a cave. they have been growing it for a long time. it is believed the squash came from guatemala and has been grown and refined for thousands of years.

this squash was given a new name ‘gete okosimin’, meaning old squash. a professor is given credit for saving the seed. indians never get credit for the heirloom seeds they have saved for hundreds if not thousands of years.

i dont know which story is true. maybe there is even another story or two besides these. you gotta romanticize any story bout indians. i  dont need a story to know that i like this squash.  i will grow some to see how much i can put away for later use.

i have lotsa dried crooked neck squash left so i will only grow this new to me squash. i want to keep the seed from cross breeding. i want a good crop of these squashes. i dont know if it can be dried. i will try one to see. if that works i will dry a bunch of them.

i have been getting texts asking how i am. people want to know how i am dealing with the covid. i tell them i am okay. my symptoms are similar to having a cold. i can handle this. i have told some if i can come thru open heart surgery i can deal with this milder form of covid.

my covid symptoms havent stopped me from doing my regular chores. i  feed my dogs and chickens every day. i bring in the eggs too. we all keep the wood stove going. and i am still walking on the treadmill and lifting weights. it is good that this is a milder form of the virus.

i have been sorting porcupine hair while staying home. it is not strenuous work. today i have to make a choice. do i watch K U basketball or K C Chiefs football? probably watch KU at 3 and dvr the chiefs game to watch after the game. rock chalk and tomahawk chop. (sorry to my native friends eh. )

gotta do my chores.