gonna warm up some

we will have a few days of 50-degree weather this week. that will let me work outside. i need to install the solar powered lights i got for the chicken house. these lights have a timer. they come on and shut off automatically. well that is after they get charged.  this might get the hens to lay more eggs.

we might even clean a coupla chickens this week. i have been wanting to do that but i didnt wanna be out in the cold doing it. i want some fresh chicken soup. that is the best soup. this past summer i bought 5 older hens just to fatten up for butchering.

we didnt get that much snow. because of the cold, it is slowly melting away. most years it is gone the next day. i seen rabbit tracks in the back yard. i might set my live traps to see if i can catch one or two. i always liked the taste of rabbit. that is why i would hunt when i was younger.

i would go rabbit hunting after the first snow. i would walk all day if i had to. i would cover miles. if i was lucky i had to carry any game i had. sometimes it would get heavy after walking for miles. that was okay, i knew we would be eating rabbit and/or squirrels.

shoes in those days werent waterproof. the leather would get wet from the snow. it would soak thru and get socks wet. as the day wore on, my feet would get cold. that would end the hunt if my socks froze. i learned from other rez hunters to put plastic bread sacks over my socks. this kept my feet dry and i was able to stay out longer.

we had a neighbor that use to supply bullets to me and my brothers. that was on the condition we had to take him a few if we got any. bullets were precious. you couldnt waste any shooting at anything that we couldnt eat. if you took five bullets on a hunt, it was expected you return with five rabbits.

i grew up without electricity and running water. now i cant live without my computer and cell phone. well not really but i use them a lot. i am gonna take my tower in to have it worked on. the cd drawer gets stuck often.  i have a coupla usb ports that dont work. i was given a good price to replace both.

i will take the tower to a place that has worked on it before. i was having problems. they replaced the mother board with a faster one. later i went back to the same place and had them add hard disk. basically, they replaced the insides to make it like a new computer. it is still working good. it serves my needs well.

yesterday we finally took down our christmas tree. that is earlier than most years.  andrew helped us. we leave it up because we like looking at the lights. taking the tree down freed up a lot of space.

gotta get busy.