gonna clean chickens

the grand daughters are back at school. that means they get off the school bus at mishos and grammas. it is always fun to have them over. when they are here, i have to surrender the tv remote to them. i dont get to watch anything until they go home.

i have been taking advantage of the warmer weather. yesterday i put my solar powered light up. it didnt take long and i didnt have any pieces left over.  i turned the timer on and it is working. the inside of the chicken house is lit up. i am pleased with the light. now i will see if the hens lay more eggs.

today we are gonna clean 4 hens. they are the older ones i bought late summer. they might lay eggs a little while longer or maybe not. i got them at a good price with the idea i will fatten them up for soup. we stocked up with home made egg noodles we bought at the amish country store. i like to make tortilla soup and will try egg drop soup. nothing beats the taste of home raised chickens.

i will build a fire outside in the fire ring. it will heat a big pot of water we will use to dip the chickens in. that makes it easier to pluck off their feathers. we have the routine down. we can pluck and butcher the hens in no time.

i am getting ready to start some seeds for cool weather crops like cabbage.  i had to laugh at articles i seen on the internet. they suggested using empty toilet paper rolls or egg cartons to start seeds with. i dont know how much time it would take to used up 100 rolls or what that would cost. i can get a 72-compartment seed starter tray for a few bucks.

i previously bought some pad warmers and grow lights.  the warmers keep the seed starter mix warm enough for the seeds germinate. the lights help them so they dont grow too tall too soon and fall over. the wood stove will be going too so it wont be too cool for the started plants.  its early but i want to be ready.

i took my computer tower in for some work. i got it back the next day. my dvd-cd drawer was replaced. it wasnt opening. now it works. the usb ports are working too. they needed to have the dust blown out. i like the place i took my computer to, i am pleased with their work and prices.

i am encoding into an access file. it will list the hundreds of cds i own. once it is complete i wont have any confusion about whether i own a cd already.  as i get the info entered i check to see if the songs on it need to be downloaded again. that is why i need the cd drawer working. i have found a number of songs that got zapped off my playlists.

gotta get busy.