another red sunset

last evening i was driving home. the sunset was giving off a red glow. i pulled over to get a picture of it with my cell phone.

we did clean 4 hens yesterday. we were gonna do that on wednesday but it was too windy. there was some wind yesterday but i put up a wind break around the fire ring. the fire ring also provides some break from the wind. i was able heat the water we used to dip the hens in before we plucked the feathers.

its a good thing that i put a zip tie on the feet of the ones i wanted to butcher. otherwise, i wouldnt have been able to tell the chickens apart. i use a big fishing net to catch them with. it took not quite two hours from when we caught the hens until they were clean and in freezer bags.

some of our old people used to joke about not having to clean chickens for them after they got sick or had to be in the hospital. whenever our people had funerals in the old days, they would clean chickens for the big feast they would put on. so after someone came thru a sickness or got out of the hospital they would say you didnt have to clean chickens for me and laugh.

i want to make tortilla soup. i need to go to town. i have to get corn tortillas, avacodos, limes, sour cream and cilantro for the soup. i dont know when i will make the soup but i will have the ingredients ready when i do.

first time i ever had tortilla soup was when i was in cancun for a wedding. we went out to eat while there. we went to a hard rock cafe. typical tourists. i ordered some tortilla soup to go with my meal. i didnt know what it was but i liked it so much i had to start making it at home.

one of my nephews had a deer hide for me. he put it on their shed but it disappeared. maybe dogs got it. he said he would get me another one. i ask hunters for deer hides. most say yeah i will get you one but dont. most hides are tossed. i want one to make rawhide with.

i make miniature hand drums with it. i need to have small items for my pow wow stand. most people dont carry lotsa cash to buy roaches. they will buy smalls for souvenirs. smalls will usually pay the stand cost.

i have a KU basketball game and a KC chiefs game to watch this weekend. i dont miss a game. i see this kid that has what looks like a toilet plunger going thru his head. he gets lotsa camera time. someday he will be tryna make a business deal with a classmate. they might ask ‘arent you the guy that used to have a plunger thru his head’? some people will do anything to get on camera.

gotta do chores