got some snow

we got snow friday evening. it covered the ground, the trees and my cornfield. that snow will put moisture in the ground for next growing season.  a rabbit left its tracks in the snow near my garden.  tonight, andrew and i will set the live traps to see if we can catch that wascal wabbit.

yesterday andrew had a basketball tournament. he and his dad left. a while later we got a text that they were stuck in our driveway on the top of the hill. i drove up and tried to drive it out as william pushed. the snow was too deep. we called my son joe and he came over with his truck. they both pushed as i drove and we still couldnt get it out. there was no place to hook a chain on.

we called road and bridge to see if they could help us. they came over and cleared the road and got the car out. andrew missed two games but made it to the last game. there were 12 minutes left and the coach put him in so he could play.

whenever the wind blows after a snow it usually drifts up there. we have been snowed in several times before because of this. once we couldnt get out for 5 days. another time it took 3 days before we got out.

after the snow i fed my chickens inside the chicken house. the wild birds scratched up all the snow in the chicken yard looking for food. now the yard is cleared. i fed the chickens in their yard today. the wild birds are eating there as well.

i have been wanting mishmot. most know it as menudo. i bought some tripe (cow gut) at a migo store in topeekie. its not bleached tripe like walmarks sells and tastes better. when i ordered the tripe an older lady nodded. i could tell she smiled even though she had a mask on. she must like menudo as i do.

i dont chef that often but yesterday i cooked a big pot of mishmot. i used a menudo mix i bought at the mile high flea market in denver.   the  mishmot sure tasted good. i had enough left to put into freezer bags for two meals. all i have to do is thaw it out, heat it up and i got a meal.

today i am making tortilla soup. mary is helping me. we are using some of the chicken we cleaned this past week. i am glad we got that done before the snow and cold came. i fed those hens a few months to fatten them up. now they will feed me. homemade soup is the best.

we watched the KU basketball game last night. it was a close game in the first half. they dominated in the second half. they showed what kind of team they are capable of being. when they are on, they can beat anybody.

tonight i will watch the K C Chiefs play. i hope they bring their A game. when they are on, they can beat anybody too. they should have all their players available.

gotta get busy