watching games and exercising

KU and the chiefs won this past weekend. its good when my favorite teams win. i watched both games on tv. the chiefs started slow but came on strong. they are peaking at the right time. i cant wait until the game this weekend.

that tomahawk chop is still lame. they get a celebrity to bang on the big drum to start the chant at the beginning of the game. it pumps up the crowd.  the NFL is hypocritical when it publicly stands against racism but allows that stereotype to be shown on national tv. i wish the players would take a knee during that chant to show they dont approve of it.

we talked about the chiefs’ game in our family text. i jokingly said that i caught covid to show my solidarity with hill and kelce. not really, but i had to grin and bear it instead of letting it get me down. i am over the covid now. it wasnt too bad because i was vaccinated and had the booster. i only had mild symptoms.

tonight, the jayhawks play. i am wearing my KU t-shirt. i will watch that game on tv. they play the oklahoma sooners. i think it will be a good game.  KU better be playing their A game. not many teams can beat them then.

i walked on the treadmill 4 times last week. i will try my best to keep it up. i feel i am getting in better shape. the best news is i think my A1C has gone down. i knew it would if i walked. i will find out for sure when i go for my quarterly lab in 3 weeks. it was at 6.8 when i was working out during cardiac rehab. it went up when i slacked off.

i havent been working on roaches lately. i seem to get busy with the many other things that come up. i will always work on roaches. it is what i planned to do during my retirement. i like creating art. it has taken me years to elevate my craft to an art. i will keep trying to improve it.

we cooked a ham roast yesterday. it is from the half a hog we bought a coupla months ago from a guy that runs a feed store. i have bought piglets from him before and raised them to butcher size. i raised 7 hogs altogether. once i took two hogs to the butcher that weighed 280 and 320 pounds. that lasted us about half a year. home raised pork tastes much better than what is sold in grocery stores.

we are out of the butter we buy at the amish country store. we plan on making a day trip there to replenish our supply. we will buy other things too. there are a few antique stores in town and out in the country. i probably will check them out. i cant pass on looking for some treasure i might find. we usually eat in town. they serve good meals.

what will this week bring.