took a day trip

we had to cop some road time. we have been staying home a coupla weeks. we made a day trip to the amish country store yesterday. we stocked up on supplies because they are natural ingredients. too many processed foods have preservatives, food coloring, sugar or salt etc.

we probably could find natural foods a lot closer to home. i like to support people that follow their traditions though. i admire people that live their beliefs. and its a nice drive over there. this indian gotta get off the rez sometime.

we made the trip because we ran out of their butter. i had some this morning with my dark rye toast. i gave up white bread since i am diabetic. dark rye toast with that good butter tastes really good in the morning.

i went to a few of the antique stores in town. i didnt find much. a few trinkets. its about the search that is the most fun. i never know what treasures i will find. we went to the restaurant in town. we ate there a few times before. they serve a good buffet. i can’t pass on their fried chicken.

on the way home i passed a business that did deer processing. i couldnt stop because a car was right behind me. i was down the road a coupla miles before i could pull over. i turned around and went back.  i could see frozen hides in the dumpsters. i went inside and asked about getting a few hides. they gave me their number.

i called them this morning. they will have 7 deer to process today. they will save the hides for me. they wont charge me a dime for them. they said they would throw them away otherwise. i am lucky i turned around.

i have asked hunters on the rez for deer hides. they usually say yeah, we will save you one. they dont. they toss them instead.  i couldnt guess how many hides are wasted every year. i only want a few to make miniature hand drums for my pow wow stand.

i dont know if i can use all of the 7 hides. that is a lot of work to scrape the hair off that many hides. i didnt want to turn down that opportunity.  i may make a few regular size hand drums too. i have a few hand drum frames laying around here somewhere.

it was time to walk on the treadmill last evening. i walk every other day. while i was walking i thought of back when i was younger. i used to go jogging. i would run for miles. my usual run was about 7 miles. once i ran for 14 miles. sometimes it felt like i was just floating along.

our medical people did a body fat check on the rez during this time. my body fat was 3.5. yeah really. i know its nowhere near that now. but all that running was beneficial for me. now that i am older i am walking instead. i will keep it up.

gotta do chores.