scored some deer hides

i was already out this morning. the rav4 needed an oil change. i try to keep up with the regular maintenance. there is a mechanic in mayetta who worked on marys car at a reasonable price. i had him do it.  we support the small business man. the money turns over in the community.

while waiting, i went to downtown mayetti.  in mayetta, like most small towns in kansas, you find a liquor store, a post office, antique stores and churches. i went to the antique store.  i found a sign in the outline of a hen and it had “fresh eggs” spelt out on it. i will hang it on my chicken house with my other chicken related signs.

the oil change didnt take long. the guy was done in about half an hour. i was glad he was content to just changed my oil.  some places in topeekie try to convince me to get a transmission flush or replace my filters for a big markup. that is where their profit margin increases.

i gotta hit the road back to the amish town on monday. the oil change will keep the car running smooth.  i got a call from the deer processing place. they saved me the hides from their thursday processing. the lady said they had about 6 or 7 hides.

the hides will be frozen. they should stay froze for the next week or so. they wont spoil. the deer place was gonna salt the hides but ran out of the salt. i seen on the internet that i can use stock salt to salt the hides with. it costs about 6 bucks for a 50 pound bag.  i can get it at the feed store where i buy my chicken feed.

i will use the hides to make miniature 3-inch hand drums. they are good to hang on the cars’ rear view mirror. or make good wall hangings. i use one to decorate our christmas tree with other native related ornaments.

i will make some regular sized hand drums too. i have 5 frames stored away. one is 12 inches and the others are 15-inch frames. i made a few hand drums for my grandsons. they played with them while growing up.

i can make rawhide but havent taken it to the next stage of making buckskin. i tried once and got it a little past the rawhide stage. it didnt quite make buckskin though. now i know i didnt break the fibers enough. maybe someday i will try again. good buckskin costs some righteous bucks. once i traded a roach for some indian tanned deer hides.

we have been keeping our fire going. we are getting low on the wood stacked in the basement. we will have to toss in more wood. there is plenty of winter left. we like the warmth our wood stove gives us. we take turns stoking it up. we keep the fire going 24 hours a day. keeping a fire going is an art.

gotta get ready to watch the KU basketball game.