got em hides

hit the road this morning to go after my deer hides. they were bagged up and in a wheelbarrow.  a young guy pushed it to my car so i could load them and asked if i did leather work. i said nope i make hand drums with them. i even had one in the car to show the workers at the deer processing place why i wanted the hides.

they liked the hand drum. i said it was made with elk hide i got from an elk farm in colorado but they no longer save the hides. one of the ladies asked me “you know why” i said no. she said its because you cant get nothing out of the hides. thats why this place just tossed them. they were happy someone will put them to good use.

they asked me if i needed any more. i said what they gave me would keep me busy for some time. one of them said they will be open a coupla more months then closed til next year. if i wanted any more they said i had their number. i thanked them again. yes there are plenty of nice people in the world.

i got the white tail deer hides home. i put them in an empty trash can with a lid so critters cant get at them. i put one of the hides on my scraping beam to get a picture. i noticed it had the tail on it. i will keep the tails. i will salt them and tack them out. i will use the tails in my roach making. tails cost about six bucks a piece.

tonight temps will drop to about 11 degrees and will be 8 degrees tomorrow night. the hides will freeze and stay frozen for a while. that is good. i can work on them a little at a time. i will scape the meat off and salt them down. that will keep them from rotting out. salting the hides will preserve them until i need them. none will go to waste.

we stopped at a food truck on the way home for lunch. they made some good burgers. i dont eat burgers that often but enjoyed what they fixed. it was a quarter pounder with cheese, jalapenos and pulled pork on top. they gave me chips and water on the side. it was a good lunch.

we headed home because the grand daughters were gonna be here after school. we took the two laned highways home. we got to see more of the countryside that way.  it was a good day trip.

i wished i had rebuilt my sweat lodge this year. when i caught the covid i only had minor symptoms but they are kinda lingering. a good sweat would clear up my breathing and fix me up.

gonna watch KU play basketball tonight. i was happy they came back from 16 down and beat K-State on saturday. then sunday the chiefs won. `i like it when my favorite teams win.