went on another day trip

yesterday mary,  my niece and i  went to Jamesport Missouri again. it is located near Missouri’s largest Amish settlement. the Amish have stores outside of town. we like to support their businesses. we respect that they maintain their ways of life.

we stocked up on groceries at the country store. the food doesnt have all the added chemicals you can’t spell or pronounce. on the way home, the car was full. i prefer buying my food from small family farms or farmers markets. or i grow my own. it is often healthier food than that which is sold in grocery stores. it tastes better too.

we checked out the antique stores in town too. we got our exercise in by walking from one antique store to another. we never know what treasures we will find. i didnt find much. maybe i am saving for the big flea markets coming up later this spring.

on the way there i spotted a large bird flying low to the ground. what caught my attention was a flash of white. i assumed it was a bald eagle. we got closer and seen that it was. we stopped and took a picture. i always like to see eagles.

my electric fence energizer was delivered. i will hook up my electric fence  later when my corn is growing. i wont plant corn until the first week of May. soon after i will plant my indian beans and squash. i am determined i will get some indian corn and squash. dont wanna be cruel to the deer and raccoons but they are eating my crops.

it has been windy but eventually it will calm down. i wanna burn off my corn field. i havent ordered a cover crop seed yet. i am trying to find the best deal that will produce good results for my garden. i want my soil to be improved for next year.

i am patiently waiting to plant my garden. my potatoes are cut up and developed sprouts. i found several bunches of onion plants. i prefer them planting onion bulbs. i have cabbage plants and kale plants. i bought carrot, spinach, radish and pea seeds. i will plant them into the ground soon.

i started working on my grow boxes. i had to do spring cleaning first so i can find my tools and have room to build. i cut up some boards that will be the corner stakes of the grow boxes. next i cut the 2 by 6s in half. that will make my grow boxes 3 feet by 3 feet. that wont take long.

this past wednesday i renewed my drivers license. i got there bout 10 minutes early.  i checked in and they called my number a few minutes later. i didnt need to have my social security card and passport because i already had the star on my current license. i only had to get my picture taken and pay for the renewal. i was out of there before my appointment time.

gotta get busy.