picked up chicks

baby chicks that is. i have been married so long, i probably couldnt pick up any other chicks eh. the 15 rhode island red pullets i ordered came in saturday. the feed store called me and asked if i had a place for them. i said i will make one. i have raised baby chicks many times.

i thought pullets would be bigger but these are like other small chicks.  no matter, they should be laying eggs around july or august. rhode island reds are my favorite breed of chickens. i had them and other breeds most of the almost 40 years that i raised chickens. reds produce well and make good soup when they quit laying eggs.

the grandkids approved of the chicks. they all held them.  after andrew got home from his soccer game he asked if i was gonna take a picture of all four of them holding a chick. samuel asked if the chicks were gonna be like our big chickens. i said yep. they will grow bigger and lay eggs for us.

i had a feeder and water jug stored away. i put them in the big box with the chicks. i didnt add a lamp til later. that cost me. we lost one of the chicks. they bunch up for warmth. one got trampled because of that. all i could think of was that is 5 bucks gone.

the price of chicks, especially heirloom chicks, has gone up since covid started. covid made people stock up on toilet paper for some reason. and they tried to get more self reliant. many bought up garden seeds and baby chicks. dont know how that worked out.

we watched K U advance to the championship game of the ncaa tourney. they looked in control for much of the game. it wasnt a nail biter at the end. i get tired of the announcers always hinting the other team is about to upset them. i watched the other game and they didnt do that for those teams.  KU doesnt get the respect that the teams from back east do. so what. we are one game away from being national champs.

i am one game away from getting paid. if KU wins the championship i get to cash in my $30 bet on them. it would pay me $540. not a bad return on the money. i will have to wait for someone that is heading to vegas to cash in my ticket. either that or i gotta go there myself. i would rather have someone else collect for me since i dont gamble much anymore.

after the KU game, mary and i burned off last years cornfield. the air was still, there wasnt any wind blowing. i thought it would be a good time to get that done. the grasses are greening up so it wouldnt spread. i had a path tilled around the garden to prevent that anyway. next i have to pull the remaining corn stalks. that wont be much of a chore.

yep it feels like spring. new life is starting over.