national champs and i get paid

i went to bed happy and woke up thinking ‘national champs’. i have been a jayhawk fan for decades. i remember listening to their basketball games on the radio when i was in high school over 50 years ago. the rez guys would get together and talk about the game. Big 8 games werent on tv much in them days but we listened to every KU game.

i have been waiting for another national championship since the last one 14 years ago. we always have a good team. we probably had the best team in the country a few times but didnt win the title. injuries may have cost us a coupla national championships and covid another.

our jayhawks brought us much joy and some disappointment over the years. i remember joking with the funeral home director. i told him when it was my time i wanted the jayhawks as my pall bearers. i said it would be the last time ever they would let me down.

there was no let down last night. we were down 15 points at halftime. it looked bad but i had faith our hall of fame coach would make the necessary adjustments. we have won games when we werent playing our best. we came from 18 down when we smacked down k state in their house this year.

i was in allen field house when we had the triple overtime game against oklahoma. i was also there when we were down big against west virginia with about 4 minutes left. we came back and won. it set a world record for loudest decibels for an indoor game.  i knew KU has won big games. actually we won more games than anyone in history.

the jayhawks came out at halftime and got to  work. they cut into the lead and kept playing KU ball. it got close at the end but we still won the biggest comeback in tourney history. its a good thing mary and i were alone in our house. we were screaming and jumping up and down. it was a great victory.

now we are the national champs. again. our coach and this team deserved this win. the tv announcers kept leaning toward the other team as they do often. the jayhawks proved that you win the game on the court not in public opinion. we play in the toughest league in the country. the teams back east get all the publicity but we cut down the nets and got the trophy.

i am in the market for a national champs t shirt now. i am happy to be a jayhawk fan. i even donate money to the williams fund to support jayhawk athletics. i get to buy tickets before the public does because of that.

mary and i have gone to games in allen field house for over 20 years. we went to 6 games one year, 5 games once, 3 games a number of other times. i high fived the players every year. we didnt miss going to at least one game in all that time until covid. we didnt go last year and we missed this year because we went to see our daughter.

we will go to a game next year for sure. besides being happy we are the champs this indian also gets paid. i won on my $30 bet i made at the beginning of the season. i will get $540. hell yeah.

rock chalk jayhawks. national champs.