finally gonna get to garden

i will begin planting my garden this week. i have been waiting anxiously. i couldnt start until our spring ceremonies give me permission. its officially spring when that happens. i will be busy for the next few months taking care of my garden.

i love to have a big garden. not just a coupla tomato plants.  i have been gardening for a lifetime. i aint totally self-reliant but i can eat something i grew or picked all year long. i get much satisfaction from knowing i had a part in producing some of the food on my table or that i take to ceremonies.

this week i will be putting in my cool weather crops. i will plant potatoes, onions, peas, leeks, cabbage, carrots, lettuce and radishes. i may be jumping ahead of myself. my garden hasnt been tilled yet. i dont know when the tribe will get around to that. they kinda pokttet sometimes. i know from experience that half the ones that want gardens tilled wont plant a thing. 

i plant mainly warm weather crops in the field garden. but i also plant a row or two of potatoes there as well. the rest i plant in my grow boxes. my warm weather crops like tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, cucumbers,  indian corn, squash and indian beans wont be planted until next month.

i still have to finish repairing my grow boxes. the dogs broke off a few of the boards on some grow boxes. i will fix them up and use them again. this time i will put up a fence around the raised beds.  i will build some new ones. that wont take long. i am not the greatest carpenter but i get by. i learned to build it myself instead of trynna get someone else to do it.

i will probably end up planting more veggies than the ones i mentioned. once i get started i keep adding more. many years i have over a dozen  vegetables planted. once i had different 17 veggies planted. some times after i start planting i find that  i have room left.  i add more plants to fill in the empty space.

i was talking to a guy that used a solar powered electric fence in his corn field. he said it didnt have enough juice to keep the deer out. they knocked it down. i got no choice but to make do with what i got. i will use the electric fence, irish spring soap, human hair, wolf urine, deer repellant, a radio and an electric beeper. whether they work or not i have to do something. if i dont critters will definitely eat up my crops.

i have gone outside a few times at night and my new dogs started barking at me. i hear them barking at night quite often. maybe they keep deer and raccoons away.  konugish did before he got too old.  i got them to be guard dogs.  they better earn their keep. i had a pair of supposed guard dogs and they killed my chickens. i got rid of them.

gotta get busy.