i wanna go somewhere, anywhere

i stayed home during the covid days. i didnt even go to a KU basketball game. i wanted to play my part in not spreading covid. i wore a mask, got the vaccines and booster. didnt matter i caught a mild case of covid anyway. i still have a slight cough every morning. a nurse at our clinic told me others also have a lingering cough.

now that covid isnt the threat it was, i wanna go somewhere. as a reward for at least trying to help out my fellow man. it dont matter where i go. just pack the tent and get in the car and drive. it would be road trip to somewhere, anywhere. i hear the road calling my name. i like to see ancient ruins or petroglyph art.  maybe somewhere like that.

i like to camp. when i wake up i like to have cowboy coffee and breakfast cooked over a fire. it always tastes good. we like to cook supper over a fire now and then too. we like to sit in our lawn chairs around a campfire. it is so peaceful. better than watching tv.

i am still saving for my bucket list trip. i wont say how much i have put away. dont want any relatives giving me a sad story tryna scam on what i got put away. i wanna go tour angkor wat in cambodia and if possible on the same trip to go see china. i wanna walk on the great wall. i gotta save more for that trip.

last night i went to a baby shower. it was my nieces grand son’s party. i went because my brother gary aint here to hold his great grandson. so i went to hold the boy for him. i enjoyed the migo food they had. i even took home some of the hot sauce, even if i make my own.  

i have been taking care of the cabbage and kale plants i bought earlier. it has been a test keeping them alive. the dogs knocked them down once. i picked them up and nursed them back. then the wind blew them over. they fell onto the ground. i had to nurse them back again. i like to grow cabbage and kale.

yesterday mary got a few more cabbage plants. the daycare had some left over. they did a garden supplies giveaway to the kids and their families last year too. my hat is off to them. i dont know why other programs dont give back to the community like that. some have money left over that they dont spend.

i got a notice from the internet people. they are offering faster packages. i will get faster service for the same money i am paying now. the lady suggested i try that first before deciding to move up to a higher priced package. i will follow her advice. i wont get a tv package though. i get streaming. that is enough for me. i dont like paying for cable and there is nothing interesting on to watch.

gotta do chores.