now its spring

i took a picture with garys’ great grandson when i was at the baby shower.  i told people i had to hold and kiss babies in case i decide to run for office. i was only joking. it is an election year though. some people will be nice to everyone during these next few months eh.

i can plant now because our spring ceremonies opened it up. but my garden aint been tilled yet.  i gotta fix my raised beds instead. i have plants that are ready to be transplanted. i will put a fence around the grow boxes to keep out the rambunctious pups. they broke off boards from a number of grow boxes.

after the raised beds are fixed i have to plant carrots, peas, radishes and spinach. these are cool weather plants. i will pull them after they mature and plant a second crop in the raised beds. i saved other seeds like cucumbers, squash etc that i will plant later.

i bought new strawberry plants. i stored them in the refrigerator until i get them transplanted. these are everbearing. the ones i had were junebearing. i get one good crop out of them. i want to pick strawberries all year long. i was told by the nursery lady to pinch the flowers off these until fall. then i can eat some. my junebearing plants should still give me berries.

i also have onion plants in the refrigerator. i will plant them in the grow boxes with other plants. they are companion plants to keep bugs from bothering strawberries, cabbages etc. i plant lotsa onions because we use alot of them in cooking.

i will go to the farmers market tomorrow. they usually have many plants to choose from. i will check out what i can put in. who knows maybe i will gamble on putting in a few warm weather crops. some take longer to grow.

i did get two 80 foot rows of potatoes in the ground. i will have red and yukon gold. i had to till the ground up first. i hilled up the loose dirt and planted the potatoes. i had them cut up already. they were growing shoots. they should come up next week or so. after they come up i will plant green beans in between the plants. they are companion plants.

the door on chicken house got blew off by strong winds. i was fixing that yesterday. the chickens got out but the good news is my dogs didnt mess with them. the other pups i had killed all my chickens but one. needless to say i got rid of them. the new pups didnt bother them though.

i was almost done when one of the door hinge pins broke. it was rusty from being in the weather. i had to get replacement hinges. i replaced both so they would match. no one checks out my chicken house but i didnt want it looking all rez. i will finish hanging that door today.

gotta get busy.