got a new riding mower

my son brought over my new mower. well, its new to me. it is two years old and only has 40 some hours on it. he bought a zero turn machine and didnt need this john deere no mo. i was happy to take it off his hands. we both upgraded.  this mower should last me a number of years. i always wanted a john deere but they were out of my price range.

i got this one used and at a good price. it has a 25 horse power motor and a 48 inch cut. my old one was 19 hp with a 46 inch cut. i will be done slightly faster. but then mowing is no big deal. i can have the entire yard done in less than an hour. my yard grew to about an acre when i bought a riding mower, i put on my headphones and jam out while mowing.

i have been using craftsman riding mowers. mainly because when there was a sears store here it would deliver the machine to my house. i had good luck with them. i still have one that is probably good for a few more years. the one i had previous to that one lasted me bout 8 years. i might use the craftsman to pull my garden cart around and haul things with it.

i have been sick a coupla days. otherwise i would have hopped on the mower and made my first cutting of the lawn. it looks like it needs it. i should be better in a few days. i will mow then. my appetitie is back and i have been doing my chores.

i think i caught a cold. it started out with a sore throat. i coughed and coughed. i stayed in bed a day or two resting. i used one of those free test at home covid tests. i wanted to be sure i didnt have the covid. my tests  turned out negative. that was good news.

i didnt get any planting done other than two rows of potatoes. nor did i build any grow boxes. the cold i had put me out of commission a few days. i probably needed the rest, i have been on the go the past week or so. i will get my gardening done. i have for many years. it will keep me busy.

i need to fix up a place for the rhode island red chicks i got. they have developed feathers on their wings. they are getting bigger. it will be cold a few nights yet this week. that is why i havent moved them outside. there is plenty of time for that.

we are having corn soup for supper. mary cooked it with buffalo. i sure love my corn soup. i take some of what i grow to ceremonies. i like to eat it at home too. thats why i plant a field of corn. i am hoping i have good luck growing it this year. i gotta figure out a way to stop the deer and raccoons from eating it. they do leave me some.

gonna be busy this week catching up on my work.