chicks are growing

my rhode island red chicks are growing bigger. the picture shows how much they have changed since i got them. i picked them up 2 and a 1/2 weeks ago. they have developed feathers on their wings. i have to refill their waterer and feeder often. they are still small enough to keep in the big box i put them in.

i probably will fix them a space in the basement to give them more room. i will keep the lamp on so they will be warm. i lost one chick. it got trampled by them huddling together before i put in the lamp. chicks need to have a heat source for about 6 weeks. i need to watch out for them another 3 weeks or so before i can move them outside. by then it will be warm.

i looked for a bigger feeder yesterday at the feed store. they were out of them.  they had plenty of waterers though. they were out of chicks too. not that i was looking for any. i have enough to last me. i will look for bigger feeders next time i go to town.

i finished hanging the door to my chicken house yesterday the wind blew the other one off. i had to replace the board the door was attached to because it was rotting out. thats why the wood screws didnt hold. while in town i bought a door latch and door handle to put on the new door.

i had to rest after fixing the chicken house door. this cold is still bothering me.  and i have a lingering cough from that mild case of covid. i needed the door done so i can go inside to collect the eggs every day. it was a hassle tacking the door in place to keep the chickens inside.

i am hoping i get over this cold so i can catch up on my spring chores. i didnt feel like building my grow boxes after fixing the chicken house door. i know it wont take long to do them.  i will get to them when i feel better.

someone sent me pictures of morel mushrooms that were found in kansas. that makes me anxious. i go out several times a year to look for them. last year i didnt go hunt for mushrooms because i was recovering from my heart surgery. i was fortunate that my son, his wife and my grand daughters brought me some fresh mushrooms. i ate them up.

i probably will go look for morels after the expected rains we will get in the next few days. i dont know how my pups will keep up with me. konugish is too old to follow me. he would always be at my side when he was able. i like to hike in the timber. i find it relaxing even if i dont find any mushrooms. i usually can find some though. i have done it enough times over the years that i know when and where to look.

there is always work to be done.

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