still got a cold


i am still getting over my cold.  it just wont go away, sorta like a bad politician. if my sweat lodge was fixed up it would help me with my breathing and get rid of this congestion. i will redo my lodge when the willows green up and are bendable.

getting old makes life tough enough, dont need to be sick on top of that. the only fun thing about being sick is being able to drink nyquil. i havent been able to do yard work this week. i know the work will wait for me.

i have lotsa spring cleaning to do. my garage port is semi clean. i need to clean out my tool shed. i will park my john deere riding mower in the shed. my old mower is in there. it will be moved to the over hang of the tool shed. it will be out of the weather underneath that roof.

you cant believe half of what you hear on the rez. but i heard they gonna start tilling gardens next week. that is okay by me. my garden will be ready for corn planting. i usually dont plant until the first week of May. if they get to my place before then, i will be able to plant corn this year.

i want to plant about 20 tomato plants before then. i bought more rain barrels this spring.  now i have 7 of them. and my sister-in-law is giving me a big water tank. last year i watered my tomatoes from the rain barrels.  i will have plenty of rainwater for irrigation. deer and raccoons must not like tomatoes like they do corn and squash. last year i had enough tomatoes to make salsa, hot sauce and canned tomatoes.

this coming weekend i will check out the farmers market in topeekie. i will be looking for tomato plants. i will see what else they have too. i would buy leeks, hot peppers and green peppers. i wont know what they have until i show up. if they aint got what i am looking for, i can dash to lawrence to see if they got what i want. if necessary i will head on to the K.C. farmers market to buy plants.

i havent done any walking in awhile. i had a sore ankle that wouldnt heal. i think i can walk a mile or two on it now. mary and i will walk on the paved road near our house today.  local traffic hasnt seen us on the road since last fall. sometimes people stop and talk to us. others will wave. funny that people wave at pedestrians but not at others in cars.

still thinking about copping some road time. dont know where but that dont matter. the trip would be the thing. i stayed home during covid days. now i wanna go somewhere and camp out along the way. you can travel this country for a lifetime and still not see all of it.

gotta get busy.