gotta get well soon

i havent been this sick in a long time. i dont know what i got but it aint fun. i have been sick for the past two weeks. it aint time to clean chickens though. i will get thru this.

i havent done any of my gardening yet because i havent been up to it. i didnt go to the farmers market to buy plants yesterday as i planned. i will do that another time. they usually have heirloom plants which i prefer.

i havent done any walking either. i am trynna rest. i feel weak sometimes. i have to conserve my energy to fight this off.  the yard has to be mowed. i will get to it when i am better. this cold or whatever cant last forever.

i dont believe its covid. i took two at home tests about 4 days apart. both were negative. i did have a lingering cough for bout a month or two from the mild case of covid i had. the nurse at our clinic said others had the same thing.

i guess this is a cold. it started out with a sore throat. i cant quit coughing. i wake up in the middle of the night coughing. it affects my sleep. i kinda wheeze when i sleep. my throat has hurt off and on for the past two weeks.

i smoked pipe at our ceremonies. i know in the past it always takes me a few weeks for my lungs to clear out. i dont think it helps the coughing i am going thru. it may be a combination of all three things. i even lost my voice a few days recently. it hurt to talk and my voice was faint.

sometimes i start sweating like a politician up for reelection. other times i have to cover with a blanket because i am cold. i havent shown any signs that i am contagious. i have been staying home anyway. just dont feel like going anywhere.  well i got out yesterday. i was home alone and got hungry. they had food trucks at the casino.

i headed over to get something to eat. i was told one truck had catfish and gumbo. sick or not, i had to have my gumbo. i parked and stood in line. the half an hour to get my food plus the 20 minute round trip made my lunch almost an hour late. it was worth waiting on.

it rained just a little yesterday. normally i‘m out the door looking for morel mushrooms. this time i didnt go. there will be some left when i get well. i usually go out a few times. i get my walking in and i get my fill of mushrooms. 

i am hoping i am better by thursday. the sparks flea market starts then. i wanna go check out other peoples junk. i will see if i can add some of it to mine. it is a day trip. i spend several hours browsing thru all the stands. i need to get out. sure hope i am up for it by thursday.