my potatoes broke ground

the only thing i have planted so far are potatoes. they have broke ground.  i havent gone skunk. i will have potatoes. yeah yeah i know diabetics aint ‘pose to eat potatoes. i can almost hear it ‘he was doing alright until his potatoes came in’. i will have them in moderation. it would be ironic that my drinking, drugging and violence didnt do me in but to get done in by fried potatoes eh.

my yard looks pretty good. i fired up my new to me john deere riding mower. some of the grass was getting tall. not anymore. i gave the lawn its first mowing of the year. there will be many more times to mow in the coming months.

i was pleased with the way my john deere ran. i have been wanting one. now i have one. question is do i pimp it out with indian decals? i do that because i will spend the next 4 or 5 months on it mowing the yard. that machine has to look nice if i am on it that long.

i had many things to pick up. there were lotsa broken limbs caused by the  strong winds we had lately. and i have part of my wood pile left. i will have to hook up my garden cart to my riding mower. i can then move the wood pile so i wont have to mow around it.  i aint carrying that wood across the yard a piece at a time.

that mower will help me in my work around the yard. i will use it to move things. i might have enough wood left to have one good sweat. gotta fix my lodge up first. that will happen soon, i notice the willows are starting to green up.

yesterday i headed to the timber with one of my sons and his lady friend. we had to check out if there were any mushrooms. or at the least to see if conditions are right for them. it looks dry in the timber. after a good rain i will head back out. i am sure the mushrooms will be up then. cant wait until i have a platter full of fried ‘shrooms.

i stopped and rested a few times while mushroom hunting. other than that i handled the walk pretty good. i walked almost two miles according to my fit bit. i will get in more walking on the coming mushroom hunting outings.

the dogs followed us to the timber. i am glad the pups stayed close by me. they would run off now and then but always came back to be near me. that is what i expect out of them. i was surprised that konugish stayed out the whole time. he walked real slow but followed us. he has been such a loyal dog.

i am starting to get anxious to check out the sparks flea market this thursday. it will be a most of the day trip. i will walk a few miles checking out the 500 stands. i know i cant come home without buying something.

got chores to do.