garden tilled

yesterday i got a call from the land department.  they were coming over to till my garden. i dont think i hollered ‘alright’ into the phone. i told the caller i would be here. a tribal worker came over with the garden tractor. i showed him the spot where my garden will be.

i also asked him if he could break the ground in last years garden. i alternate my gardening between these two fields. i said i was gonna plant clover there as a cover crop.  the clover will put minerals back into the soil and enrich it for next years garden.

the top photo shows the field where i will plant this year. the guy went over it a coupla times. he said there were a few spots where the ground was packed so he tilled that part real good. the ground looks good. it has that good earthy smell that gardeners like.

my garden will be just over 5100 square feet. not as big as last years garden. but hey this old man gotta take it easy sometime. my sons and grandson will help me plant our indian corn. later i will plant indian beans and squash in this field.

i will put an solar powered electric fence around this field. i will also put irish spring soap, human hair, wolf urine and a solar powered ultrasonic repellant and motion detector around it. i will add a solar powered radio too. the radio worked until a rainstorm soaked it and it wouldnt play.

i am hoping all of this and my dogs keep the deer and raccoons away. better to do something than do nothing and let them eat the corn and squash up. and it would be to easier to say i wont plant anything because they will eat it up anyway. i gotta try. not planting guarantees i will get nothing. i will gamble i get a good crop.

the field in the bottom photo will lay fallow. i do however have two rows of potatoes in this field. i will add green beans to the potato rows. they will be planted in between the potato plants. i will plant about 20 tomato plants in this field too. i had that many last year and i got enough to can. i will water them from the rain barrels.

i heard the weather man say it might rain last night. i got out the red and white clover seed i bought. i hand sowed it thru out this field. it didnt rain but at least i got it planted. it is suppose to rain today. i want the clover to be a cover crop in this field. it will be tilled under next spring.

today the sparks flea market opens. i got up this morning intending to go. i felt better but realized that the all day walk would tire me out. i decided to just stay home. the big flea market in brownsville is next month. i will get my treasure hunting in then.