a storm passed thru

the sirens on the rez went off last night. i was surprised to hear them loud and clear. usually, we barely hear them.  a weather alert on my cell phone said take cover, we were in a tornado alert.  the tv guy was saying a funnel touched down west of here and was heading our way.  they were talking about jackson county and the rez.  we went to the basement until it passed over.

i respect the power of tornados. i was in lawrence back in ’81 when one passed thru town. i was living in a trailer court. tornados must not like trailer courts. all the windows of the trailer i was in imploded inward. things were floating in the room. after it was all over i went outside and seen the damage. most of the surrounding trailers were flattened. the one i was in wasnt. part of the roof was off and some walls did cave in though.  i was lucky.

the storm did knock out our internet last night. the lights flickered but stayed on. i must be addicted to my computer. i didnt know how to act without being online. it finally came back on. the hotspots we had needed charging. one finally charged and my cell phone had 26 messages. mostly my relatives saying a storm was coming. yeah like we missed that.

yesterday i went mushroom hunting. i only found 4 little mushrooms. i sauteed them and had them with scrambled eggs for breakfast. that only whetted my appetite for more. i gotta have more all fried up. i will go look again. spring aint complete until i had my fill of morel mushrooms.

i found two ticks on me. gotta accept that every time i go looking for mushrooms. i remember when a law student from KU came to the rez. she wanted the experience of mushroom hunting. i took her out to find some. she thanked me for showing her. later i found out she had bout 50 ticks on her. she said she would never go again. hey mushroom hunting is serious business.

our pups went with me again. konugish followed awhile then went back home. the pups stayed near me most of the time. this is probably good training for them. i want them to be loyal to me like konugish is.

people talk bout keeping their mushroom spots secret. there is no such thing as a secret spot. so many people cover this rez that almost every spot is covered by someone. i seen a car parked near the spots i go to. i only found 4 small ones, so i imagine they didnt find any either. finding mushrooms is more about when to look instead of where to look. gotta be the right time.

we got some more rain last night. the clover seed i sowed in last years garden spot should come up now. i am glad i got out and did it. if i let it slide i woulda missed the rain.

gotta do chores.