time for a cook-out

we went to samuels last soccer game, so we had to go watch andrew play too. he played in his last soccer tournament of the season. i dont know much about soccer but i want my grandkids to know i support them in whatever they do.

the prairie band pow wow is coming up in less than two weeks.  my sister and i decided to have a stand at the pow wow. i have eight roaches done. i had more but donated one and made deals for a roach with a niece and nephew for their kids. it dont matter. if i sold all eight, which is unlikely, i would be happy.

i coulda had more but only had all fall, winter and early spring to make some eh. i was sorting hair and making roaches. then other things pulled me away. i will probably always make roaches.  creating art is an outlet for me. i get satisfaction in seeing something i made.

i dont mind hanging out at a stand during the pow wow. thats better than trying to hold onto a good seat near the arena all weekend. thats too damn much sitting for me. i’d rather be kicking back in the shade and meeting people. we set up a tent or two with lawn chairs and have people stopping in for visits throughout the weekend.  laughter can usually be heard around our stand.

i will charge the batteries to my nikon camera. i will take pictures at our pow wow.   its kinda understood that people are gonna take pictures. some want to have their picture taken too. i need pictures to put on my website. i usually post pictures of indians dancing, singing or being indians.

i am dealing with the bone spur in my ankle. i will admit that it has slowed me down.  i havent gone out and picked nenwezhek this spring. we have some left that i picked last year. that will have to do. i did get out to pick morel mushrooms.

i walked twice last week. i also danced bout half an hour last night. i wore my ankle brace each time. i didnt notice any pain. i do apply an ice pack to my ankle. i will continue to walk to strengthen it. not much i can do bout a bone spur but live with it. more than likely it is caused by my arthritis. i tell people in my mind i feel young, but my body is slowing down.

today we are grilling out. some of our family members are coming over. i like it when our family gets together. we sit around and visit. i like to see the grandkids. we are in a wind advisory. winds will be around 20 miles an hour most of the day. we will work around that.

i lost a coupla hens. the door was opened one day. we shooed a hen back in. i made a count and noticed two were gone. no sign of them anywhere. hawks may have got them. if it was dogs, they wouldnt let up til they were all gone.

gotta get ready for a cookout.

night out at our casino

we scored tickets to the george lopez show at prairie band casino on thursday.  it was a sold-out show. it was the best live show i have been to in a few years. but then i havent been to a comedy show in a long time. back in my relocation days, i used to go to comedy clubs in san francisco.

a mariachi band played while we found seats. there were empty seats in bout the 5th row where a coupla big indians sat. maybe people were afraid of them.  i worked with one of them so i sat next to him. my sister, mary and a co-worker of marys sat next to me. later a couple more indians we knew sat in our row. we took up most of the row. a nephew was sitting a few rows behind us.

i liked listening to music while waiting to hear Georges’ act.  first a comedian named ruben paul came on. he was funny. his set lasted half an hour.  then George Lopez came on. he was funny through out his hour-long set.

i watched the george lopez tv show in reruns many times. i think he is much funnier live. probably because no one will censure him on a live stage in front of a mature audience.

i wondered how a haitian and mexican comedian would fare in front of a kansas audience. ruben asked if there were any blacks in the audience. not many applauded. george asked if any latinos were there. not many applauded. both kinda laughed at the response. the comedians’ humor did make everyone laugh.  both comedians said diversity is what makes this country great.  

i did buy a $40 t shirt from the george lopez stand.  it is pictured in the lower left corner. that is more than i will usually pay for a t-shirt but i had to have a souvenir from this show. i waited in line until it i got my shirt. i dont know where i will wear it.

i havent been to our casino for a long time. i gave up casino gambling before covid started. i seen 3 of my nieces working while i was there. one of them said ‘what, you finally went somewhere’. i am a homebody.  i said yeah i had to see this show.

i  stayed after the show to gamble a little bit. it felt different to be playing a slot machine again. i dont think i cussed too many times. i won some free games but i wanted money not free games. i was down a few bucks but mary hit some. we usually share winnings so i came out ahead instead of losing.

i got on the treadmill again yesterday. i am getting back into a walking routine. i am working at getting into better shape. i also use a weight machine and use dumb bells. i use weights to burn off calories and to build my strength. i know walking alone isnt enough to lose weight. i have walked for years. we have been getting too much rain to walk on the paved road near our house.

got chores to do.

megwa mowen (more rain)

it has rained for the past coupla days. the ground is soaked. water stands in spots where it collects. since we are in a drought warning that rain is welcome. we shouldnt complain about the blessing we are getting. out west they are hurting for rain.

yesterday my second golf lesson was cancelled because of the rain. it was cancelled a coupla weeks ago for the same reason. it may be a few years before i can play my first game eh.

i got a text from another guy on the rez. he said the snapping turtles should be moving with all this rain. i thought the same thing. i went skunk last year. it was the first time i havent cleaned a turtle in years. people bring them to me because not many wanna mess with them. i love the taste of turtle. thats why i take them.

monday our lights went out. they were out for several hours. it wasnt quite dark but i lit our kerosene lamps. it reminded me of the ice storm that knocked out our electricity for two weeks. others got rooms at the casino. we didnt. we had to stay home so we used kerosene lamps for lights. our woodstove kept us warm.

it didnt bother me. when i was young we had to use kerosene lamps and wood stoves. i grew up on the rez when we didnt have per cap, a golf course and convenience store. the roads werent paved and there werent many job opportunities for indians. now some say they from the rez like they are really roughing it.

i talked with some people about my corn not coming up. got a coupla  reasons  why they thought it didnt. one said maybe too much water. it rained all day or night several times. another said the ground wasnt warm enough to germinate seeds. maybe both reasons were the cause. whatever, i wont get indian corn this year.

yesterday i got on the treadmill. now that i know what is wrong with my ankle i will deal with it. i put on the ankle brace while i walked. i applied cold to my ankle afterward. i only walked a mile.  i havent walked in awhile so i am easing into it.  i did log miles while hunting mushrooms and didnt have a problem.

i worked out with weights again. my sons keep weight machines in my basement. i use the seated bench press of one. i have done a few sets with it. i am doing the dumb bell exercises i had to do in cardiac rehab last year. they are good all around exercises for the arms n upper body. i work on keeping up my strength. i may be getting older but i aint gonna let myself get old.

boarding schools have been in the news. it seems some just found out that indians had to go thru that experience.   i went to one over 50 years ago. some are copping a few headlines about boarding schools but didnt actually go themselves.

better get chores out of the way.

no corn but still got a garden

i decided that i wont replant my corn. we will take the year off. i still have enough dried indian corn to last me until next year. i save some to eat and take to ceremonies. thats why i dont ever sell my corn. i would rather have it. money will never taste as good as our indian corn.

it might be better not to grow my indian corn anyway. the field south of me has field corn planted in it. i try not to let other corn mix with mine. sometimes i eat indian corn that is tough. that may be because sometimes it gets cross pollinated with field corn. over the years people wanted to give me other corn seed but i declined. i tell them i wanna keep my indian corn seed pure white.

i will have to take care of my potatoes, green beans, cilantro, tomatoes, onions and habanero peppers instead. i will still plant some anaheim peppers to make green chiles. i will also plant some bell peppers. we use them in seasonings. i may plant some sweet potatoes. i will have a garden even if my corn didnt make it.

i have often said i am thankful i reached this age. it aint all fun when you get older though. yesterday i had my quarterly lab and med check. my sugar is a little high. i told the doctor i had pain in my ankle for a few months. i havent been walking much because of that. my sugar levels are good when i am walking regularly.

i was sent to get an x ray of my ankle. the nurse called me later and told me the doctor said i had a bone spur. that is what caused the pain when i walked.  i was given an ankle brace to wear when i walk. i was also given some stretch bands and exercises to strengthen my ankle. if that dont help they will try something different.

i told them i used a rice bag that is heated in the microwave before use. the doctor told me i could also freeze it because cold would be better for my ankle than heat. i have tried that and like the cold. i get a shot of pain if i turn my ankle a certain way especially in the morning. then it will be alright after it stretches out. i can get back to walking now. i was waiting for a medical opinion. i didnt wanna aggravate the problem and make it worse.

in my med check it was decided that i take a new shot once a week.  my A1C has gone down again but this shot will help it go down more. i was told it may cause me to lose weight. i said thats okay with me. my weight has gone up since i have been taking insulin shots. weight gain is a common side effect of taking insulin shots. i have to take them because my body doesnt produce insulin.

gotta run to town to get animal feed again.

making smores

yesterday we went to samuels last soccer game of the season. it was held in lawrence. some kids he goes to school with play on the same team or in the same league. after the game samuels’ team was given medals for finishing first in the league. he was so proud of the medal he won.

on the way home mary and i stopped at the texas road house. i  used the gift card my grandsons gave me for my birthday. i had a 6 ouce filet mignon, baked potato and salad for lunch. this country indian dont eat steak that often. it sure was good.

my son joe helped me put the new blades on the mower because i couldnt reach the middle blade. he ended up taking off the deck. it was easier to work with. we cleaned off the grass that was caked on the deck. then joe put the new blades on. he did most of the work but i helped a little. the mower fired up and joe tried out the new blades. they cut good.

andrew asked me when i was gonna mow the front yard. he wanted to play catch with the football. he gets whoever is willing to throw the football to him. so i mowed the front yard. i will finish mowing the rest of the yard after i move some things.

i noticed that our indian corn hasnt come up yet.  i dug up a few spots and seen the kernels werent sprouting.  i dont know why my corn hasnt come up. that hasnt happened before. my son said we could replant. i dont know if we have enough time. i planted late before and it doesnt do as well.  i am undecided whether to replant or let it go a year. we have enough dried corn to last us until next growing season.

the granddaughters came over to visit with the grandsons. it is always nice to have a house full of grandkids. i made a fire outside so they could make ‘smores. it was kinda cool to be outside but they warmed up by the fire. they had fun making the smores.

after we got back inside they checked out the popsicles they made with kool-aid. they were frozen so they had them. andrew let me have a taste of his. it was sweet. they enjoyed them even more because they made them.

i didnt see any reason why i couldnt transplant my tomato plants. it was suppose to rain so i got busy putting them in the ground.  i put worm castings, compost, epsom salts, bone meal and a coupla aspirins in with the plants. i stripped off most of the leaves except for the tops. i laid them on top of the mixture and covered them.

i transplanted 16 tomato plants. it didnt rain that afternoon as predicted. the weather guy said it would rain that night. it didnt. its a good thing that i watered the plants after i got them in the ground.

got my quarterly lab and med check tomorrow. what else will this week bring?

moved chicks outside

i fixed up a place in the chicken house for the chicks. it is the same place i always used for new chicks. it is in half of the chicken house. the laying boxes are in the other half. there is a wide enough walkway in this side for the hens to move out into the yard. this area is fenced off to protect the chicks from getting pecked by the hens.

my granddaughters came over after school. kinikwe asked where the chicks were. i showed her the new place they were in. she gave her approval. i let her hold the chicks when they were smaller. she helps me bring in the eggs sometimes. she carries the egg basket and counts the eggs. when we get inside she tells her gramma how many eggs we got that day.

i have to get more chick and chicken feed. the $10 off coupon i had from the feed store expired on me. if i use the coupons i can save over a hundred bucks a year. my dogs are going thru their food too. it dont take long for 3 of them to go thru a 40 or 50 pound bag of food.

i dont try to do everything in one day. i do try to get something done each day though. i stay busy. well i guess there are some days if i dont feel like doing anything i dont. that is the beauty of being retired.

i thought i was the only one that hadnt put in my tomato plants. my sister said she hasnt gotten hers transplanted yet either. i  hope to do that today. it is cloudy out. dont know if it is supposed to rain. rain is predicted for tomorrow. thats why i wanna get this done today if i can.  i can rig up my irrigation system from the rain barrels later.

my son usually changes the oil in my rav4. i was in town yesterday so i had it done at walmart. their prices are more reasonable than the quick oil change places. and they dont try to sell me a marked up air filter. while they were changing the oil mary and i went to have breakfast. we were still eating when they texted me that my car was ready to be picked up.

the reason i wanted an oil change is i wanna take a road trip. aint been anywhere since covid. dont know where but gotta go soak in a hot springs somewhere.  my body feels relaxed after a good soak. i might pack the tent and air mattress too. maybe i will get in a night of camping while on the road.

the grand daughters are going to the boys and girls club this summer. we have been watching them after they get out of school until their parents pick them up.  mary and i can hit the road during weekdays. prices are cheaper than on week ends if we stay at a motel. too bad gas prices are still high.

got chores to do.

tilled in between the corn rows

yesterday i had to go to nation station to get gas for the mower and tiller. i fired up my tiller as soon as i got home.  it started right up. i bought that tiller a little over 3 years ago. i paid $150 for it. i put some money in it for a new tire, tune up and oil change. that was still a good deal. that same model of tiller woulda cost over $700 new. i will be able to use this tiller for a few more years.

the weeds were popping up everywhere in the corn rows. i knew the rain was coming so i decided to till the small weeds under. the weeds looked like a green carpet in between the rows. they would have only gotten bigger.  i wasnt gonna let that happen. it didnt take me long to till the corn field.

while i was tilling i noticed the real earthy smell of fresh turned soil. seasoned gardeners know what that smell is like. if i hadnt tilled the weeds would have gotten out of hand this week. last night’s rain soaked the ground. more rain is predicted for this weekend.  it will be too muddy to till for the next week. glad i got to it when i did.

i wanted to mow before it rained too. i missed about half the yard when i ran out of gas and the mower needed new spark plugs. i put in new spark plugs. it also needed new blades. i got the blades off the mower and tried to sharpen them. that didnt work too well.

i went ahead and mowed anyway because it was gonna rain. the grass i missed was already getting too tall.  i got it mowed. the new blades for the mower will be delivered today. i will put them on. it will be ready for the next mowing.

the green beans that i planted in the potato rows should be coming up. this rain will give them a good start. i only planted one 80-foot row of green beans. that should give us plenty to eat fresh and to can. might even freeze some but i gotta have room in the freezer for other things too.

i planted a mixture of white and red clover in last years corn field. it is a cover crop that will put nitrogen back in the soil. it has come up and is growing good. the earlier rains we had gave it a good start. it will be tilled under as a green mulch next year. that field will lay fallow this year.  i move my garden each year so the soil can replenish itself.

i have to go to town to get more chicken food. i might as well get another bag of dog food too. three dogs eat a lot. i have a coupon for $10 off at the feed store. i use them because i shop there often. my animals have to be fed every day. i spend several hundred dollars a year to buy feed.

gotta do my chores.

getting more rain

we must be getting our spring rains late. our weather is off.  it rained all night twice this past week. a gardener learns you cant conquer nature. you have to live with it and appreciate what you get. for sure there is skill in raising food, but there is an element of luck too. the best gardener cant make it rain in a drought.

i went out to check to see if our indian corn has broken ground. it hasnt yet but it probably will this week for sure. we are lucky we planted it when we did. the ground is soaked because of the rains we got. it would be too muddy to plant this week. our indian corn is planted. i am grateful for that.

i will have to till between the rows of corn when the ground dries out. the weeds are coming up. we make sure to leave enough room for the tiller to fit in between the rows.  i will till only deep enough to uproot the weeds. i wont do any deep tilling. dont wanna disturb the micro-organisms in the soil. the little creatures you cant see give the soil life. over tilling will kill them off. soil is more fertile when they are alive.

the rain is making the grass grow too. i bought two new spark plugs for my riding mower. it ran a little rough the last time i mowed. i remember what my uncle told me bout spark plugs. he said buy new ones, dont just clean the old ones. i put in new ones and the mower immediately ran better. i like a simple fix.

next i need to take off the mower blades. first i gotta buy penetrating oil. i couldnt get them off because they were stuck. when i did my first cutting of the lawn there were blades of grass still standing. i think that means the blades need sharpening or replacing. i ordered some off the internet. they were $20 cheaper than getting them at one of the lumber yards in topeekie.

i did get one row of green beans planted in the potato row. i wanted that done while the ground was wet. beans add nitrogen to the soil. it helps the potatoes grow. they are companion plants. i have been planting that way for a few years now. even an old gardener can learn new tricks. i know i do. i am continually reading up on gardening and listening to others.

last night was the last lunar eclipse we will see for 3 years. i went outside before i went to bed. i couldnt get a good picture with my nikon or cell phone. the viewing of the eclipse was better in the eastern part of the u.s.   a few years back i got a series of pictures from a lunar eclipse with my nikon.

had a good week end. my daugther was home.  4 of my grandkids came over for a visit. now i will see what this week brings.

got a good rain

we got a good rain the other night. that will be good for our indian corn that we planted this past monday. it will break ground sometime this coming week. more of my potatoes have broke ground too. i wish that i would have transplanted my tomato plants. i have been busy.

after that rain i was wondering if any morel mushrooms popped up. i ate mushrooms 4 times already. i also got bit a number of times while hunting mushrooms. that is what is stopping me from going out again. i dont want any more bites or ticks on me. i had my fill of morels til next year.

some people are picking nenwezhek. i noticed some nenwezhek on the sides of roads. they are kinda small yet. i will give them a chance to get bigger before i go pick some. i got tired of eating them when i was younger. poor people had to eat them all the time.  now i really like the taste of them.

i havent filled my humming bird feeders yet. those little birds are probably waiting on me for their nectar. i bought a coupla new feeders. a few that i had were damaged in some of the high winds we had over the past year.

i have one less critter to feed now. charlie the goldfish died. it was after i changed the tank water. i used a scrubber to get it clean that musta had something on it. i told the boys i will replace him with a couple more gold fish. charlie was a survivor. he was in one of my rain barrels that froze over. i chopped a hole in the ice to get him out. we put him in a fish tank and he lived a few years in our house.

our pups are getting to be better behaved. they used to jump up on people. they kinda still do. i make them get down when they bother the grandkids. so far they are listening to me. i will train them to do other things with commands in potawatomi. konugish did what i told him in indian.

the new bird houses my grandsons made are hung in the trees in our yard. when they got here for the week end i told them i put the houses up. the other bird houses had birds living in them. there are nests in our trees too. i musta planted 20 to 30 trees in our yard over the years. some of the trees are 40 to 50 feet high now. we lived here awhile.

my nephew was up north recently. he brought me some maple sugar cakes. i have been rationing them out to myself. i enjoy a taste now and then. i dont wanna rush thru them because they have been hard to come by. i used to give maple sugar candies to these old men around here. one of them liked them so much he wouldnt share any with others. i made sure i gave him some when i found them.

got work to do.

birthday’s over

my son posted this picture on facebook.  i dont have an account anymore. i got many happy birthday wishes on that post from friends and relatives. others texted me during the day to wish me happy birthday. it was good to hear from all of them.

i had a good birthday dinner with members of my family. we ate at a thai restaurant. this country indian has only started eating thai food in recent years. i have developed a taste for it. this time i had a soup, an appetizer called money bags and drunken noodles. i enjoyed my birthday meal.

the meal was good and i enjoyed eating with my sons, their companions and my grandkids. i missed my daughter though. the grandsons came over from lawrence to eat with me. they gave me a steak house gift card. my grand daughters ate with us too. i only had a few birthday parties over the years so dining out with my family was nice.

i got a few compliments about my age. i was told i dont look 70 years old.  i know i am looking older. my hair is turning gray.  maybe salt and pepper is a better description. for the longest time my hair was all black. and now i am getting wrinkles too.  when i tell cashiers i am a senior so i can get the discount none have said “get outta here, you aint no senior citizen “. that would be nice to hear at least once.

i started mowing my yard. i was half done when the mower ran out of gas. i put some in and drove it to the garage. it wasnt firing real good. i bought some new spark plugs to put in. the blades also need to be sharpened or replaced. no big deal, i will take care of both. i can do regular maintenance on some machines. i am no shade tree mechanic though.

its been about six weeks since i got the rhode island red chicks. they are ready to be moved to the chicken house. they have feathers to keep warm.  they no longer need a heat lamp at night. i fixed a big area that is fenced off from the big hens. they will be kept there until they are big enough to be turned loose. i dont want the hens to peck the hell outta the chicks.

it is suppose to rain tomorrow. i am hoping i can get green beans planted in the potato rows. i will try to plant some today. the green beans fix nitrogen in the soil. last year i had a row of green beans and had several pickings of them. i will grow some to can.

i had my fill of morel mushrooms. i went out 5 times. got my exercise in. i found a few ticks crawling on me. i got a few bites on me.  i probably could find some more mushrooms but i am done for this year. i had enough.

gotta do my chores.