new birdhouses

my grandsons made some new bird houses as a school project. andrew painted the planets on his house. samuel painted whales, fish and other sea creatures on his bird house. after the houses are done they are put up for auction. the money raised goes to the schools garden program.

i bid on andrews first bird house a coupla years ago.  i bid 5 or 10 bucks. a teacher at the school put in a higher bid on the houses to drive up the prices. i ended up bidding $20. that set the price. i had to match that every year. that is what i bid on these two bird houses. mary covered one of the houses.

now i have six of their bird houses. it is understood that misho has to bid on them. i dont mind. i support what they do. the boys are happy to see their bird houses hanging in the trees of our yard. birds have moved into the houses. my yard is full of birds. i can hear them singing all the time.

i went mushroom hunting again. i found about a bowl full. i had them fried for breakfast. after i found these a car pulled up to the spot where i was looking. i bet they didnt find any. i got all of the ones that were out. there werent many. it rained all night. i think they will be up again. it is now a race to be the first one looking for the mushrooms.

even though i have been out looking for mushrooms i am not over whatever sickness i have. i  speak with a raspy voice. i lost my voice about a week ago. having to cough will wake me up at night.  i do get tired. when i was in the timber i had to sit down on a log to rest. i heard of others that had similiar symptoms.

i havent been able to do much gardening. i will still get something from my garden. it is early for warm weather crops. i will plant my indian corn sometime this week. my sons will help me plant. they planted my corn last year because i had my heart surgery. this year i will be able to help.

i am trynna score me some t posts. i asked my relatives if they had any  laying around. my niece has a few. i have to string an electric fence around my garden. i will put a fence around my grow boxes too. i gotta keep the deer and raccoons out of the field garden. and i need to keep the dogs out of my grow boxes. the dogs bury bones in my grow boxes or just dig. they broke a few boards off the grow boxes.

my office chair broke. the bracket that held the armrest screws broke off. this chair was suppose to be sturdy. it did last a year or so. i ordered another one off the internet. it will be delivered on wednesday. i like to spend time on the computer. i need a comfortable chair.

gotta do chores.