found some morel mushrooms

i have been out looking for morel mushrooms. first time i went skunk. second time i found 4 small mushrooms.  that didnt discourage me. then i found a bowl full twice. might not sound like much but one bowlful was enough for a cooking. i dont need to find the biggest or the most. i just need to find enough to get my fill until next year.

i am glad looking for mushrooms made me get out and walk.  i know it aint aerobic walking but the walk up and down hills and crick banks is a workout.  i had to rest a few times by sitting on a log. i havent been walking because of a sore ankle. i think i over did it on the treadmill and it wouldnt heal. now i can walk again without any discomfort.

people are selling morel mushrooms on craigslist. i was shocked to see the prices being charged. they are going for $40 a pound. i wouldnt pay that price as long as i can go out and find them myself. this last bowl full i found is almost a pound.  i will have a $40 breakfast this morning.

i talked with my sons. we are planting our indian corn this coming monday. it is supposed to rain a few days this week. we are hoping it will dry out by monday. the garden has already been tilled. we will cut a narrow trough down the row and drop our corn seed in it. then we will cover it with soil.  we should be able to work the ground well enough to plant corn.

i am getting over the sickness i had. i will catch up on planting. i have to fix some of my grow boxes. i am hoping i can find some more boards to make new boxes. the price of lumber, even used has gone up big time. i dont think i have enough grow boxes. soon as they are fixed i will plant each grow box with veggies.

another year has passed and i didnt score any maple candies or maple sugar. i was hoping to find a source to get some. mary was on a trip last week. she went to albuquerque for training. she was down there during the gathering of nations. i told her to see if anyone was selling maple candy. didnt get any but she did bring home a coupla loaves of oven bread from some of the pueblos. we had french toast with some of it.

i moved the rhode island red chicks to the screened in porch. i hooked up their lamp so they wont get cold. they will stay on the back porch a few weeks. then i will move them to the chicken house. they will be fenced off from the big hens until they get bigger. the chicks are now a month old or so. they have feathers.

my new office chair arrived yesterday. i put it together while watching tv. now i can surf the net while being comfortable.