may is our birthday month

may is the birthday month for 3 of us in our family.  my daughter wabenokwe has her birthday today. yesterday my grand daughter cece turned 8 years old.  i remember waiting for these two to be born. i was hoping each would hold out another few days and be born on my birthday.  we dont share the same date but our birthdays are within 5 days of each other.

my birthday is tuesday. i usually get philosophical and look back at my life. there are more years to look back at now.  i will be 70 years old. i am no longer young but i dont feel old.  i feel young in my mind but my body is slowing down. i get tired after doing some thing strenuous. and there are  things i dont do anymore.

getting old isnt an excuse for not doing anything.  i still  do my chores and keep up my home place. i keep our woodstove going in the winter. my animals depend on me to take care of them.  i will garden as long as i can.  i hunt mushrooms but gave up hunting squirrels, rabbits and deer. sometimes young hunters bring me game because i am getting older. i used to do that for elders.

in my youth i was wild and reckless. i didnt think i would live to be 30 years old so i lived like that.  i did way too much alcohol and drugs. i got into too many fights. i bummed around all over the country. i had nowhere to go and had all the time in the world to get there. once i was hitch hiking and wasnt getting a ride so i went to the other side of the road and went that way.

i slowly realized my lifestyle wasnt good for me. there are probably a few times i could have died. somehow i lived thru all that.  somebody musta been watching over me. i am grateful for that. now i am a great, grand pa.

i was always off on a new adventure. i crisscrossed this country many times. my wandering eventually took me to all 50 states. i was lucky  to see 9 other countries. i seen places that i thought i would never see. growing up on the rez and being in boarding school those places seemed like a world away. they were.

one time i was at a ceremony. i was watching one of my uncles dance.  he was 70 years old. i was thinking i wish i can dance like that when i am 70. i have reached that age but i dont dance as good as that old guy.

one downside to getting old is you lose people. my mother and father are both gone. i lost six of my brothers and sisters. most of my real down bros are gone. many other people i knew are also gone. i miss all of them. i am still here though. again i am thankful i am alive. will see how many more stories i have to live.