went to watch samuel play soccer

yesterday we went to lawrence to watch samuel play soccer. he was happy that his misho, gramma, dad, uncles and cousins were there to support him.  it is second time i got to see him play. this is his first year of playing. they dont keep score at these games but the parents do. it was a tie game.

after the game i went to downtown lawrence.  i was looking for tomato plants at the farmer’s market. many home gardeners start heirloom plants early from seed. the price for one plant was more than i was willing to pay because i wanted 20 tomato plants. that is how many we had last year and we canned dozens of jars of salsa, tomatoes and hot sauce.

i didnt find a good deal so we headed to topeka’s farmer’s market. prices were the same there. i was intent on getting a good deal. i ended up going to the nursery i usually buy from.  i got what i wanted for a third of the cost the farmers markets were gonna charge me. thats why i have do business with this nursery.

i noticed at both farmers market they were selling fresh eggs. eggs were going for $4 or $5 a dozen. they use terms like cage free or organic to justify that price. i charge $2 a dozen for mine but i wont deliver at that price. i aint trynna profit off my eggs. i just wanna use the money to offset my cost for feed.

tomorrow my sons are coming to help me plant our indian corn. we will have it done before the 91 degree heat kicks in.  thats not that hot but it will be the hottest day so far this year. the ground will be workable.  i am soaking the corn seed today to help it germinate faster after it is planted.

i may or may not have enough t posts to string my electric fence around the corn field. i dont know if the solar powered electric fence will be strong enough to keep out the deer and raccoons. it dont matter. i have to try something. or rather a whole lot of somethings. i am determined to get a good crop of indian corn.

i will transplant my tomatoes this week. i will also plant my habanero peppers and cucumbers.  i am slowly getting over being sick. that slowed me down. otherwise i would have had many things planted already. i will still get it done. i have gardened for decades. i have plenty of time to get a good harvest.

yesterday i ate my last picking of morel mushrooms. now i had my fill of mushrooms. i had 3 pickings that amounted to a large bowl full each. they were about a pound each. so i ate $120 worth of mushrooms at this year’s price.  i found them myself instead of paying for them. i am glad i can still do that. i can see the day is coming when i wont be able to go mushroom hunting anymore.

gotta do chores.

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