we planted our indian corn

my sons and i planted our indian corn yesterday. no maybes, mights or gonnas. it is in the ground. it wont grow if we dont plant it. now we have a chance to get some indian corn.  we got 16 rows planted that are about 80 feet long. i soaked the corn seed over night. it is supposed to rain a few days from now.  our corn will germinate in about a weeks time.

when mary and i moved here 37 years ago i did all the planting by myself. i turned over my first garden with a shovel. i had to.  i didnt have a tiller. the boys started to help me as they got bigger.  i didnt make them, they knew if they didnt help i would do it by myself. they learned to be good workers. as they got bigger so did my garden.

its good they grew up gardening.  last year i was recovering from my open heart surgery.  they knew how to plant the corn without me.  this year i was able to help again. the grandkids are starting to help plant our corn now. they were in school yesterday. i missed having them around. they will be here when we dry the corn.

i am glad my sons still help me. i am getting older. they do the heavy parts like covering the seed with soil. if it is planted too shallow the birds eat the seed. as many rows as we have and how long they are requires alot of dirt being moved. they also drop the seed into the trough. there is alot of bending in that. i dont have to act like a boss. they do what needs to be done.

speaking of getting older, today is my birthday. happy birthday to me. i am 70 years old today. i never thought i would reach this age. i dont feel old but then 70 aint too old. but i definitely aint a young guy anymore.

i am glad we got our indian corn in yesterday. one of our old ladies, who is gone now, told me to plant indian corn by may 10th. that is easy to remember because it is my birthday. our corn takes about 90 days to mature. in early august it is ready to be dried.

that same old lady said corn was our life. as long as we kept it, we had life. when we didnt, our life was over. while traveling around i heard other tribes had similiar beliefs. i think of that when i plant corn. i spent a lifetime trynna learn about our ways. while i dont know everything, i wont ever, i am grateful i have learned what little i do know.

i remember my first gardening experience. an old man used to stay at  misho’s house. everyday he would walk to the timber. he had a garden in a clearing there. i found that out by following him once. when he seen me, he put me to work. i didnt realize it then but that old guy made me a gardener.  thank you old man.

tonight we are going to eat at our favorite thai restaurant. happy birthday to me.