birthday’s over

my son posted this picture on facebook.  i dont have an account anymore. i got many happy birthday wishes on that post from friends and relatives. others texted me during the day to wish me happy birthday. it was good to hear from all of them.

i had a good birthday dinner with members of my family. we ate at a thai restaurant. this country indian has only started eating thai food in recent years. i have developed a taste for it. this time i had a soup, an appetizer called money bags and drunken noodles. i enjoyed my birthday meal.

the meal was good and i enjoyed eating with my sons, their companions and my grandkids. i missed my daughter though. the grandsons came over from lawrence to eat with me. they gave me a steak house gift card. my grand daughters ate with us too. i only had a few birthday parties over the years so dining out with my family was nice.

i got a few compliments about my age. i was told i dont look 70 years old.  i know i am looking older. my hair is turning gray.  maybe salt and pepper is a better description. for the longest time my hair was all black. and now i am getting wrinkles too.  when i tell cashiers i am a senior so i can get the discount none have said “get outta here, you aint no senior citizen “. that would be nice to hear at least once.

i started mowing my yard. i was half done when the mower ran out of gas. i put some in and drove it to the garage. it wasnt firing real good. i bought some new spark plugs to put in. the blades also need to be sharpened or replaced. no big deal, i will take care of both. i can do regular maintenance on some machines. i am no shade tree mechanic though.

its been about six weeks since i got the rhode island red chicks. they are ready to be moved to the chicken house. they have feathers to keep warm.  they no longer need a heat lamp at night. i fixed a big area that is fenced off from the big hens. they will be kept there until they are big enough to be turned loose. i dont want the hens to peck the hell outta the chicks.

it is suppose to rain tomorrow. i am hoping i can get green beans planted in the potato rows. i will try to plant some today. the green beans fix nitrogen in the soil. last year i had a row of green beans and had several pickings of them. i will grow some to can.

i had my fill of morel mushrooms. i went out 5 times. got my exercise in. i found a few ticks crawling on me. i got a few bites on me.  i probably could find some more mushrooms but i am done for this year. i had enough.

gotta do my chores.


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