got a good rain

we got a good rain the other night. that will be good for our indian corn that we planted this past monday. it will break ground sometime this coming week. more of my potatoes have broke ground too. i wish that i would have transplanted my tomato plants. i have been busy.

after that rain i was wondering if any morel mushrooms popped up. i ate mushrooms 4 times already. i also got bit a number of times while hunting mushrooms. that is what is stopping me from going out again. i dont want any more bites or ticks on me. i had my fill of morels til next year.

some people are picking nenwezhek. i noticed some nenwezhek on the sides of roads. they are kinda small yet. i will give them a chance to get bigger before i go pick some. i got tired of eating them when i was younger. poor people had to eat them all the time.  now i really like the taste of them.

i havent filled my humming bird feeders yet. those little birds are probably waiting on me for their nectar. i bought a coupla new feeders. a few that i had were damaged in some of the high winds we had over the past year.

i have one less critter to feed now. charlie the goldfish died. it was after i changed the tank water. i used a scrubber to get it clean that musta had something on it. i told the boys i will replace him with a couple more gold fish. charlie was a survivor. he was in one of my rain barrels that froze over. i chopped a hole in the ice to get him out. we put him in a fish tank and he lived a few years in our house.

our pups are getting to be better behaved. they used to jump up on people. they kinda still do. i make them get down when they bother the grandkids. so far they are listening to me. i will train them to do other things with commands in potawatomi. konugish did what i told him in indian.

the new bird houses my grandsons made are hung in the trees in our yard. when they got here for the week end i told them i put the houses up. the other bird houses had birds living in them. there are nests in our trees too. i musta planted 20 to 30 trees in our yard over the years. some of the trees are 40 to 50 feet high now. we lived here awhile.

my nephew was up north recently. he brought me some maple sugar cakes. i have been rationing them out to myself. i enjoy a taste now and then. i dont wanna rush thru them because they have been hard to come by. i used to give maple sugar candies to these old men around here. one of them liked them so much he wouldnt share any with others. i made sure i gave him some when i found them.

got work to do.