getting more rain

we must be getting our spring rains late. our weather is off.  it rained all night twice this past week. a gardener learns you cant conquer nature. you have to live with it and appreciate what you get. for sure there is skill in raising food, but there is an element of luck too. the best gardener cant make it rain in a drought.

i went out to check to see if our indian corn has broken ground. it hasnt yet but it probably will this week for sure. we are lucky we planted it when we did. the ground is soaked because of the rains we got. it would be too muddy to plant this week. our indian corn is planted. i am grateful for that.

i will have to till between the rows of corn when the ground dries out. the weeds are coming up. we make sure to leave enough room for the tiller to fit in between the rows.  i will till only deep enough to uproot the weeds. i wont do any deep tilling. dont wanna disturb the micro-organisms in the soil. the little creatures you cant see give the soil life. over tilling will kill them off. soil is more fertile when they are alive.

the rain is making the grass grow too. i bought two new spark plugs for my riding mower. it ran a little rough the last time i mowed. i remember what my uncle told me bout spark plugs. he said buy new ones, dont just clean the old ones. i put in new ones and the mower immediately ran better. i like a simple fix.

next i need to take off the mower blades. first i gotta buy penetrating oil. i couldnt get them off because they were stuck. when i did my first cutting of the lawn there were blades of grass still standing. i think that means the blades need sharpening or replacing. i ordered some off the internet. they were $20 cheaper than getting them at one of the lumber yards in topeekie.

i did get one row of green beans planted in the potato row. i wanted that done while the ground was wet. beans add nitrogen to the soil. it helps the potatoes grow. they are companion plants. i have been planting that way for a few years now. even an old gardener can learn new tricks. i know i do. i am continually reading up on gardening and listening to others.

last night was the last lunar eclipse we will see for 3 years. i went outside before i went to bed. i couldnt get a good picture with my nikon or cell phone. the viewing of the eclipse was better in the eastern part of the u.s.   a few years back i got a series of pictures from a lunar eclipse with my nikon.

had a good week end. my daugther was home.  4 of my grandkids came over for a visit. now i will see what this week brings.