moved chicks outside

i fixed up a place in the chicken house for the chicks. it is the same place i always used for new chicks. it is in half of the chicken house. the laying boxes are in the other half. there is a wide enough walkway in this side for the hens to move out into the yard. this area is fenced off to protect the chicks from getting pecked by the hens.

my granddaughters came over after school. kinikwe asked where the chicks were. i showed her the new place they were in. she gave her approval. i let her hold the chicks when they were smaller. she helps me bring in the eggs sometimes. she carries the egg basket and counts the eggs. when we get inside she tells her gramma how many eggs we got that day.

i have to get more chick and chicken feed. the $10 off coupon i had from the feed store expired on me. if i use the coupons i can save over a hundred bucks a year. my dogs are going thru their food too. it dont take long for 3 of them to go thru a 40 or 50 pound bag of food.

i dont try to do everything in one day. i do try to get something done each day though. i stay busy. well i guess there are some days if i dont feel like doing anything i dont. that is the beauty of being retired.

i thought i was the only one that hadnt put in my tomato plants. my sister said she hasnt gotten hers transplanted yet either. i  hope to do that today. it is cloudy out. dont know if it is supposed to rain. rain is predicted for tomorrow. thats why i wanna get this done today if i can.  i can rig up my irrigation system from the rain barrels later.

my son usually changes the oil in my rav4. i was in town yesterday so i had it done at walmart. their prices are more reasonable than the quick oil change places. and they dont try to sell me a marked up air filter. while they were changing the oil mary and i went to have breakfast. we were still eating when they texted me that my car was ready to be picked up.

the reason i wanted an oil change is i wanna take a road trip. aint been anywhere since covid. dont know where but gotta go soak in a hot springs somewhere.  my body feels relaxed after a good soak. i might pack the tent and air mattress too. maybe i will get in a night of camping while on the road.

the grand daughters are going to the boys and girls club this summer. we have been watching them after they get out of school until their parents pick them up.  mary and i can hit the road during weekdays. prices are cheaper than on week ends if we stay at a motel. too bad gas prices are still high.

got chores to do.

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