another month has passed

turned the page on another calendar month. after living so many years, a month seems to pass by quickly.  it is already june. the summer solstice and Father’s Day are this month.  today is ‘say something nice’ day. i know a few people that might have a hard time dealing with that.

i was out and about yesterday taking care of some business. i had to go to several tribal offices. in the past i have been told they knew i was there because they heard me laughing. i usually ask ‘what people around here dont laugh ‘ and laugh.

at a coupla places i whooped at  indians i knew. i do that often. some kinda get embarrassed if they around their chamok friends. they get that shocked ‘dont do that native stuff round here’ look.

i had occasion to pass by member services. they are now issuing an “enhanced  tribal identification card”. i asked bout one. my other tribal id is getting rather worn. i was given an application.  i was scheduled to bring it with my passport, drivers license, birth certificate and a bill back to their office today. i gotta prove i am really me. i dont think anyone would wanna be this poor indian.

dont know what the hell an ‘enhanced’ card is but i think they said i can use it to go into canada and mexico with it. i can do the same thing with my passport. been to both places many times. dont know why anyone would wanna go to canada, they cant make a good pizza there and their bacon is different eh.

as i was driving around i looked down the main road or 158th street. that took me back. i have done much traveling around over the years.  life took me all over this country. i would always start out on the rez and always end up back here on the rez. every time i came home i would head down that road. i knew that home was bout 8 miles or so down that road. i took that road many times.

that road and this rez has changed in my lifetime. i remember when this ‘main’ road wasnt even graveled. it wasnt unusual to get stuck on the main road back then. now it is paved.

many other things, including me, have changed too. i grew up in poverty. we didnt have electricity, running water, computers and phones. now we have a casino, convenience store, golf course, paved roads, per cap and many tribal buildings. basically, we are living in the best economic times of our existence. i guess the only thing that is constant is change.

every time i came home i would have to cruise thru the little town of mayetta. i had to see if anything was different.  even though i grew up on the rez, i called mayetta my home town whenever people asked me where i was from. more often than not most have never heard of it.

its kinda funny that a glance down an empty road would bring on such an epiphany.