fun at the water park

its after memorial day. that means many things like swimming pools are open now. the boys wanted to go to the water park in mayetti. temps werent hot but they wanted to play in the water anyway. so far this year they have been over there twice.

i am amazed by the water park in mayetta. i remember when it was first brought up. some one had a dream of raising the money to build it.  i wondered if that was gonna happen. it did. someone wanted something, went after it and got it.

i went to my appointment to get my new tribal i d card. pardon me, i meant my “enhanced” tribal i d.  my wife and son got one so i had to get me one. i travel a bit, it wont hurt to have another i d.  and now and then i have to prove i am indian.  it aint enough to show them my high cheek bones. my ‘indian’ card will be the real proof that i am indeed an indian.

while at the tribal office i seen a few people i knew. i stopped and we caught up with what has been going on in our lives. i got a belated happy birthday a month later. i found it is better to treat people good. when i see people that are mean to others they are usually  alone. i wouldnt wanna being like that.

i had to fill up my car. at nation station a tribal member can get a dime off each gallon by showing his tribal i.d. card. i try to save money whenever i can. but to be honest sometimes i find it inconvenient to run into nation, come back out and fill up then go back in to pay.

once i went to get gas for my mower and tiller. i was only gonna get 4 gallons of gas.  i was heading somewhere. a 40 cents savings didnt feel worth the hassle so i just paid at the pump.  maybe i woulda went in for a bigger savings. even as high as gas is, the most i would save is a little over a buck a tankful.

i got on the treadmill again. i put on my ankle brace first. i havent been feeling any pain in my ankle. i applied ice as a precaution. i will step up my walking as i get into better shape.  i still work out with weights. i can feel my muscles firming up some. i wont ever be buff but i can increase my strength. that will help me out in my later years.

our grandsons are going back to their lawrence home. we taking them to their mother. they have been here all week.  i like having any of my grandkids around. they keep me young. while in town we will fill our water bottles. in the old days you didnt run to town just for one reason. you took care of as much business as you could. i try to do that still.

gotta get ready to head to town.