nearing pow wow time

it has been raining alot this late spring. some might find that inconvenient but much of kansas is in a drought. we need the water. the cricks always had water in them when i was growing up. over the past decade they havent flowed except after a snow melt or a big rain. then they quit running.

i talked with others that grow indian corn. a few had their corn come up. others said theirs didnt. i am not the only one that wont get corn this year. it is a good thing i saved dried corn from other years. i have some to eat.

i have been thinking of planting some hominy corn. it would survive into september and be harvested late. it wouldnt matter if the kernels got hard. it would become hominy anyway. i wouldnt plant hominy corn before because i didnt want it to cross pollinate with my indian corn. now i can grow some.

i lost a few tomato plants. i do have 14 plants left. i can get enough to can from them. i will use a drip irrigation system from my rain barrels. last year the rain barrels gave me enough rainwater for a good crop of tomatoes.  i bought more barrels to hold rain water because i know it works.

i mowed my yard before this last rain. i had to pick up things that i had to mow around. i had some wood and tree limbs lying around. i got them moved. i moved lawn furniture we have in the shade of two big trees. we like to sit there sometimes. that area is usable now. i have a few more months of mowing to do.

we are having the prairie band pow wow this coming weekend. my sister and i are having a stand. i dont have many roaches on hand. i consider our pow wow an opportunity to advertise my art. some one might appreciate the quality of my roaches when they see them. i will have my business cards on hand.

i dont mind tending to a stand while the pow wow is going on. i like pow wows but i aint hard core bout it. i wont sit in my chair from friday night till late sunday. thats a bit much. sometimes i am more interested in the street theater going on.

we will set up our chairs and extra tent shade near our stand. we will have guests stop in and visit. maybe we will take a coffee pot along for company. indians like to drink coffee. i will bring a water jug to keep my liquid intake up. we probably have to eat pow wow food over the weekend. my arteries hardened up just thinking bout that much grease.

i will charge the batteries to my nikon camera. i will take pictures at the pow wow to use on my blog. i will add to the thousands of photos in my collection. i have many pictures of people over the years.

now i am waiting for the nba playoffs tonight.