getting closer to pow wow time

temps are warming up but its not as hot as it will get later this summer. i was cruising around the rez and seen this buffalo and her calf. they were wading in the small pond near the road. i just happened to have my nikon in the car.  the calves are easy to spot because they are lighter in color. it is good to see new born calves added to the herd.

i was checking out the roach headdresses i made.  i have 8 done but will only take 7 of them. one only has a single row of porcupine hair in front. i will add a second row of hair to it later. i decided not make any more with just one row of hair in front.

all these years i made them the way i was taught. i did that out of respect to the man that taught me. now i am aware that many dancers prefer at least two rows of front hair. and longer roaches have become a thing too. i will change with the times.

these roaches have been wrapped for some time. they hold their shape pretty good. i rewrapped them after misting them with a spray bottle. i had four others done but no longer have them. i donated one and the others went to relatives of mine.

i know that having only 7 roaches done aint very many. i got occupied with other things. i will set up a stand anyway. i look at our pow wow as a way to advertise my craft. pictures dont do them justice. it is better to hold them in ones hands to see how they look and feel. i will have my business cards to pass out to those that are interested.

i am looking forward to our pow wow. i like to visit with people i havent seen in some time. i never know who i will come across. its nice to catch up with what others have been doing. i like hearing the singers and seeing the dancers too.

i got hungry for catfish. we went to a place just off the rez that cooks catfish meals. i usually order the whole catfish with a baked potato and salad bar. the last time i ate there someone covered my meal. not this time. that was alright. i enjoyed my meal.

i was gonna plant some corn for making hominy. i have some in between paper towels that i kept damp. it hasnt germinated yet. it should have by now. i will keep an eye on it. if it dont germinate, it would be pointless to plant it. might have to try growing hominy another time.

the hominy seed corn i have is yellow corn. nothing wrong with that but i prefer white hominy. i like using white hominy to make mish mot (menudo). i will fix the yellow corn if it does come up though.

gotta get busy. never know what the day will bring.

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