time to pow wow eh

our pow wow starts this evening. i will head over to prairie people’s park later to set up my stand. i was assigned a space near the same spot i had before at our pow wow and when we had the potawatomi gathering here. that is a good location that will get lotsa traffic.

i am looking forward to our pow wow. i will hang out at my stand and watch the indians watch the indians. pow wow time is the chance for some to be seen.  not me, i am more into watching the street theater. i would rather have people see my roaches.

i am used to hearing sad stories when people check out my roaches. i am asked ‘what about indian price’. i tell them that is the indian price. i dont charge as much for my roaches as others. people still want my art cheaper.  if they cant afford a good roach they shouldnt pow wow. they will learn it takes money to pow wow. and ones outfit factors into whether they win too.

my per cap hit my bank account. its better to check out the other stands when i have some coin in my pocket. i will see if there is anything that i gotta have. i never know what i am looking for until i spot it. now i can buy things for giveaways from stands too.

i will be at the people’s park most of the weekend. that means i will have to get my meals from the food stands. i heard they only had a coupla food stands this time.  at some pow wows people have stood in line for over an hour to get a small, over priced indian taco.  i like indian tacos but i dont “have to have an indian taco” like some people say.

i used to camp at our pow wow. that got to be too much of a hassle. some would tell us their kids wanted to camp and dump them off.  they thought we were responsible to babysit them all night. we would cook our meals over a fire and were expected to feed anyone that others invited. once some one invited a guy to camp and he ended up in our tent because there was no where else. now i just stay home.

i charged the battery to my nikon so i can take pictures to add to my collection. i have a folder of pictures i took of pow wows.  i have a folder that is just portraits of people i knew or met. it has over a thousand pictures in it. i have folders of places i traveled to. i have more of different events i attended. it all adds up to thousands of pictures. i will get more pictures at the pow wow.

i will have to do my chores before i head over to the pow wow. my animals gotta be fed every day. i cant neglect them. i will have to get eggs when i get home late at night.

this indian ready to pow wow.

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