my stand at pbp pow wow

i am having fun working at my stand during our pow wow. it was definitely worth having a stand. many people stopped by to check out my roaches. they were curious about what they were, how they were made or what they cost.  i answered every question.

i havent sold any but i got to advertise my craft. i handed out many of my business cards. i opened up the possibility for several trades. a coupla indian artists may be interested in doing a trade for a roach.

one lady has a pound of porcupine hair. she is willing to trade that and make me a pair of moccasins for a roach her son really liked. another guy makes outfits and may trade one for a good roach. when i suggested that he took my card and shook my hand. he said he would call me.

i have traded for indian tanned hides, bustles, fans and artwork for roaches in the past. i had one of the tanned hides made into a new pair of moccasins. sometimes indian artists cant afford others’ art but they are willing to trade their art for what others make.

we have had many visitors stop at our stand and visit. i shared many laughs with people i knew and even some with people i just met. we brought extra chairs for company to sit in. we are close to the arena so we could hear the singing and watch the dancing.

i seen many nieces and nephews. but then there are many that call me shishe or misho. i like that. i am uncle or grandpa to many. they treat me good and i treat them good. that is the way we are supposed to be.

last nights grand entry was put back an hour and a half. the weather people were predicting winds of 40 to 50 miles an hour. i was lucky some home boys walked by. i asked them to help me take my canopy down. i just bought that canopy to use as my pow wow stand. i didnt want the winds to take it away.

we went to town to eat at a migo joint for supper since we had a big supper break. i wanted a full meal. we headed back to the pow wow grounds later. we missed the winds, hail and rain. the pow wow was able to continue on. i didnt set my roaches out for last nights performances. i will set up again today.

the weatherman says it will hit close to 100 degrees today. that isnt counting the heat index. i imagine it will be humid. no matter. life goes on. i used to help build bridges or houses in the heat. sitting in the shade will be a breeze.

i will enjoy the last day of our pow wow. i checked out the other stands. i bought a few things for giveaways. i also had a t shirt airbrushed by a tribal member. i have bought a t shirt from him at almost every one of our pow wows.

pow wow aint over but i already miss it.